What is Coaching?

Who has not faced a difficult situation in their life where they wished that they had some support and guidance?

We have all had experiences in our lives where we have found ourselves at a crossroads and knew that the choices that we make in that moment are crucial to whether we move forward or stay stuck. It is not always clear what the right choice is, we are not always aware of the limiting beliefs that are at play in provoking fear and anxiety about this choice. This is where coaching can be a tremendous resource. A life coach can help you focus your energy to see beyond the challenges, accept them, and construct a life that takes you past them.

As your coach I will provide you with:

  • Support and understanding in a safe confidential space to help you find clarity.
  • I will help you uncover patterns of thinking and behaviors that do not support you in achieving your higher self.
  • I will enlist time tested coaching strategies to help reveal blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck without your knowledge. We will bring them into the light, we will confront them and release them.
  • I will give you homework to continue with your personal growth between and beyond our sessions.
  • I will help you see your potential in all areas of your life and help you step into the light and show you how to be present and empowered in your own life.
  • I will provide you with email support and will provide resources between sessions.
  • I will help you emerge as the hero in your own story and show you how to be a leader in your own life.

How Coaching Works

The Coaching experience can be had in many different ways. It can be done one on one in person, over the phone or virtually in a safe confidential space. I offer a free confidential 30 minute discovery session, where we talk about your goals and what you may be looking for. After this free session, we will discuss different options available to help you achieve your goals. Coaching sessions can be scheduled individually or in packages to suit your needs and we can discuss what makes the most sense.

I offer many different types of coaching and can tailor packages to your needs.

  • If you do not see what you are looking for contact me we will find a solution.
  • If you have any questions at all please just contact me I am open to helping you find what you are looking for, even if it may not be me.
  • If you are afraid and need to process this fear and how it could be overcome? Contact me.

I was once like you seeking a higher truth and wondering how coaching could help me? I am so glad I scheduled that first session. It changed me life!! You can do it! Contact me! Talk to me! I am here to help.

For Inquiries about Coaching Packages, Appointment Scheduling, or to schedule your free 30 minute Discovery Session please Contact Me.