Success Stories

I began with the Authorized Tapping Into Wealth Program and could see huge changes in my professional and personal relationships and how I was manifesting success within three sessions with Nicole! I can’t believe how fast the change has come!

Janelle Moore, Director of the CPIC Forum & CEO of Zen Federal LLC.

I needed help getting over past experiences that left me fearful of using my gifts, of becoming more in my profession. I was surprised at how many facets of my personal and professional life were affected by these issues. My relationships with my children, how I do my job, even what I see when I look in the mirror; all these things are seen through an entirely different lens now.I decided to work with Nicole because of her professional reputation and the positive light she shines in life. While working with Nicole, I saw a great mix of professionalism and a natural ability to connect honestly. I felt safe sharing personal and sometimes painful parts of my story with her, knowing she could see a way out for me, from the places I had become stuck. Nicole followed through on all the things she was going to send me right away, so I could use the resources while I was still connected to the excitement of the moment. Her knowledge of what was available was extensive, she knew just what would help me.

I am now much more comfortable in my own skin, using my particular skills. I can see the bigger picture, and can see how my gifts and skills can be used and honed, without hiding for fear of failure. I now go into a public appearance eager to share my gifts and connect with those in attendance, instead of going in feeling like a fraud, like someone might find I’m not worthy of leadership. The baggage that was holding me back is gone, and reaching new heights in my profession now feels exciting instead of terrifying.

As a result of my work with Nicole and my new found confidence, I reached out to two magazines that are eager to interview me and review my newest book, and will even be performing at the circus! Thanks Nicole!

Rachel Whaley Doll, author, @RachelWhaleDol