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The truth about intuition, and a blue bird!

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you know it is time to make a change? Maybe it is time to make some hard decisions about a relationship you are in. Maybe it is becoming clear that it is time to leave your job or maybe even your career? Whatever the decision is that you need to make? The ability to ignore that decision gets harder and harder. Maybe you watch TV more, you hang out on social media, hell maybe you indulge in 2 extra cocktails or beers to silence the noise. It does not work for long does it?

The voice that is loud in your ear is your intuition, it is your wise mind. It is the voice that knows what needs to be done for your higher good even if it feels scary, or hard. This intuition when trusted can be the catalyst for more in your life than you ever imagined. But,how to be brave?

How to follow something that comes to us in the very place that also houses our greatest doubts? Our inner critic, the shame and experiences that catalog our life so far. This jumbled mind, the wild west of all of the things that inspire us and terrifies us? It is not easy to trust is it?

I am very familiar with that voice, that very voice has given me the courage to leave relationships that were not for my highest good. It showed me the way out of jobs that were unhealthy for me, and a career that had run its course. It has not always been easy because my Inner Critic has been just as loud for as many years. But, there is a way to see your way through. Keep reading..

Right now as I write this, I am in the middle of that war of Inner Critic and Wise Mind. It has been a loud and noisy battle that has been raging about the future of my business and client work. My wise mind is so loud and so emphatic! It has the passion of a teenager who knows FOR A FACT THAT THEY WILL DIE if they do not get to go to the beach party with the other kids. It is that certain, that loud and that passionate about the fact that I need to rebrand myself. It is emphatic that I should call myself a Business Therapist and that I should offer more than money mindset, and that I should be the emotional support person for entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and business owners. It has quite a compelling argument.

The other voice my Inner Critic is telling me, that without question if I decide to step into the spotlight as a Business Therapist that not only will my business die, but I could die as well. It is saying, “ This would be catastrophic! No one would want that! Who are you kidding!! WTF? Nicole? Are you listening?” Whew also pretty loud and scary. SO what to do? What do we do when we are in the middle of the pivot?How do we handle the battle for real-estate not only in our mind but in our future decisions?

We look for signs. Yup. External signs.Nudges to act. Consistent confirmation from outside sources that add up to show that there is a defined road map forward in following our intuition and that we will indeed be OK.  How do we get these signs? We get still, we ask and then we watch.

Last weekend I was on my hill, the war raging in my head. I sat in the grass and I got still, and quiet and I surrendered. I said to the universe I surrender, send me a sign so that I have the courage to follow my wise mind. Then I waited. I waited some more. My Inner Critic had a tantrum but I held fast and then it happened.

The most beautiful blue colored bird flew by me, I watched it fly up towards a tree and disappear. This got my attention, I asked myself, “ where did it go? It was right there? “ I kept looking at the tree but the only bird in the tree was a average looking brown bird. Then something amazing happened.

That average brown bird took flight again and soared over me once more with the most gorgeous blue underbelly and wings I had ever seen. It hit me like a ton of bricks. This bird was average looking and uninteresting until it spread its wings and flew. When it soared through the air it was gorgeous! Purposeful! Almost magical! In that moment I knew I had my answer.

In order to stand out, you must stand in your truth. To attract the attention that you desire YOU must spread your wings and fly! When we soar our true self, talents and unique beauty is revealed to the world. So, my intuition wins this round. Soar, show your true colors! And so it is…

Wrap up tips on how to follow your intuition:

  1. Recognize that you have a wise mind and it has been giving you signs and nudges all along.
  2. Get still, be quiet even for a short time so it can reveal itself to you in full without static from your inner critic.
  3. Ask for a sign or guidance
  4. Wait and watch
  5. Follow the answers that come to you with trust.

I hope this has been of help to you. Spread your wings, show your authentic self. It will help you make those hard decisions with confidence and purpose. If you are in need of someone to help guide you through those next steps once you have made your decision to pivot in your business, or life. Reach out to me here. Lets chat to see how I can be of service to you and your wise mind.

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Forgive me a Little March Madness

March is a rough month, each year at this time I see a spike in interpersonal chaos. Marriages I thought were solid dissolve, friendships end, financial and employment crisis seem to manifest. Even the weather gets touchy—in like a lion and out like a lamb—the rumble between winter and spring, dark and light, sunny and warm followed by a chance of storms.

So in honor of the stormy, unstable, beautiful mess that is March Madness I offered up the opportunity for people from my tribe to request a blog post topic. This call was answered by an amazingly talented, intelligent and dynamic woman by the name of Brenda who requested a post on How to Forgive.

This seems an appropriate topic, the emotional and energetic volatility that we experience in March often puts us in the path of conflict. We find ourselves experiencing more incidences, and interactions with people that may require forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a topic that is an ongoing source of exploration for me and my clients. The first question is:

Do we have to forgive?

For the longest time, I was not sure that we had to. To this day, I am not sure that I fully have forgiven some people, including myself. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the concept of the Book of Offenses and how we spend so much time and energy recording in and carrying around this book. In that moment when we record that offense against that person, situation or experience it feels GOOD doesn’t it? We scribble that offense down and tag the offenders and make angry notes in the margins. Anytime we think about letting it go, we flip back to that page and see that red angry writing where we recorded that offense and we get fired up again!

Elizabeth Gilbert goes on to share this about the book,

…over the years, you can become broken and sick from carrying around your Book of Offenses forever on your back. Your spine and your soul can be crushed beneath that heavy granite slab, with its names carved so deep. You get so bent and twisted beneath that unforgiveness that you cannot even lift your face to the sky anymore. Then what has your life become? How can you fly? How can you ever be free?

This is a pretty profound endorsement for forgiveness, who wants to be bent over and sick from carrying that HUGE book of offenses? I sure don’t. So then what? How do we forgive, and furthermore what does that mean?

Iyanla VanZant teaches a course on forgiveness. This is an excerpt from one of her posts

Forgiveness doesn’t mean agreeing with, condoning, or even liking what has happened. Forgiveness means letting go and knowing that—regardless of how challenging, frightening, or difficult an experience may seem—everything is just as it needs to be in order for you to grow and learn.

This is an important distinction. Forgiveness does not mean you agree with or condone what has happened!

Hear me people, when I say forgiveness does not equal accepting bad behavior nor does it require you to allow this person access to your current life. You can forgive someone for purely selfish reasons, and create epic boundaries so that they can not  wound you around your power again. FORGIVENESS DOES NOT LET THEM OFF THE HOOK!

Iyanla also goes on to say:

Only forgiveness can liberate minds and hearts once held captive by anger, bitterness, resentment, and fear. Forgiveness is a true path to freedom that can renew faith, build trust, and nourish the soul.

Forgiveness is freeing, forgiveness is painful, and maddening. For some it can come in a flash and they feel the weight of the world removed from their shoulders. For me? It is an ongoing choice, process and often difficult journey.

What is the act of forgiveness like for you?

One thing I know for certain is that the most important person we need to forgive first, is ourselves. When we can truly forgive ourselves, and find our voice and foster those boundaries from a place of power? That is when we have the space to truly forgive others.

Here are a few steps that you can take to move towards forgiveness

  1. Voice the pain, tell a trusted friend, counselor or confidant. In some instances you may be able to voice the pain to the person who perpetrated the event. The main focus here is to voice the pain without expectation of the other person.
  2. Spend some time in reflection and ask yourself “What do I need to forgive myself for?” Forgiveness of self is the gateway to learning how to forgive others.
  3. Find the gift (I know this sounds weird). We learn something from all experiences in life good or bad. Can you find some small gift or lesson that you can take from it and grow it?
  4. Release with a ritual. I love rituals particularly ones that allow for releasing and receiving. Write down what you want to release on a piece of paper, burn it, throw it into the surf, toss it into a stream. Saying out loud “I forgive you and I release us both from this painful bond” Then voice what you want to bring into your life. Do you want more love? Do you want to take the energy that you spent resenting and use it to curate a new project? Do you want to call in self care? Permission to do something fun? Make sure you create space to receive.

Now it is your turn. How do you find forgiveness in your heart without feeling like you are betraying yourself and condoning what happened? Do you have any forgiveness practices or rituals that you use? I would love to hear from you. Please comment below.

Here are links to the posts by Elizabeth Gilbert Book of Offenses and Iyanla Vanzant 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything


Fire Your Inner Critic!

Shut down the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee Now!

This past year one of my goals was to secure some podcast interviews and begin to get more exposure in my work and in my business. I never imagined how much fun that I would have being interviewed for these Podcasts. The people I have met along the way are Dynamic and amazing women in business.

My intention is to create a Throw Back Thursday Podcast post, so that you fine people will not miss a thang!

Michelle McGlade has become on of my favorite women in business, and I so loved getting to know her. Check out my interview with Michelle McGlade right here:

If you have issues with the player you have also find it on Michelle’s site here: http://www.michellemcglade.com/fire-your-inner-critic/

Let me know what you think? If you want to learn how to shut down your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee send me a message I would love to talk with you!

Fire Your Inner Critic!

Shut down the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee Now!

 This past year one of my goals was to secure some podcast interviews and begin to get more exposure in my work and in my business. I never imagined how much fun that I would have being interviewed for these Podcasts. The people I have met along the way are Dynamic and amazing women in business.

My intention is to create a Throw Back Thursday Podcast post, so that you fine people will not miss a thang!

One of the Podcasts I was interviewed for was with Bonnie Groessl. I was a guest on “The Holistic Entrepreneur” talk radio show. Listen in and hear how Bonnie and I both work on Firing that Inner Critic!

Available on SoundCloud, or iTunes, and as a direct download.

Let me know what you think? If you want to learn how to shut down your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee send me a message I would love to talk with you!

2016 kicking your butt? I’ll tell you why and what to do!

The holidays are over, many of us are coming up for air from all of the Holiday celebrations and expectations.  There are so many things that we “put on hold until after the Holidays” that have now come due. Perhaps you have made some resolutions that you want to begin to tackle? Maybe it is time to go back to work and make a dent in the things that have piled up on your desk?

This time of year creates an interesting energetic dynamic. We want to speed up and tackle a New Year New You, we have finally let go of the additional holiday obligations and we are ready to rocket into our NEW YEAR! There is a push and pull between emerging and and manifesting and mastering! And guess what? We want to do it all at once!

So here you are ya’ll ready to rumble! Resolutions made, word of the year picked, or a “to do” list written on the wall. You are like a prized fighter hopping around on the side of the ring ready to go in and KICK 2016’s butt! Only to get your ass knocked out by January 5th.

Then something cracks, something spectacular happens about January 5th! Complete and absolute overwhelm! Take heart, it is not your fault. Let me tell you why.

  1. Many of us have had a month or two hijacked in the nicest of ways by extra obligations due to the holidays. So much of the self care, work obligations, and down time have fallen by the wayside. We go into survival mode, what MUST be done gets done, the rest gets put off.
  2. We fall into a mindset of After the Holidays I will take care of…..and all of those things we want to do and take care of pile up.
  3. The extra energy that we have used up on managing family dynamics and expectations have depleted your reserves. Even if you have the nicest and most functional of families, if you get them all together in one place it is bound to zap your energy at some point.
  4. The money that you cheerfully spent on presents, party and travel are now manifesting in your depleted bank account, or perhaps your expanding credit card balance.
  5. The New Year is upon you and you want to make resolutions, and changes in your life that you want to start NOW! January 1st. And not only do you want to start them now you want to do them perfectly from the jump! And why not? You are already tired, depleted and behind why not add more expectations to the mix.
  6. You are being bombarded by Diet Programs, Financial Programs, Beauty Programs, Fitness Centers! All telling you what you should be focusing on, giving you special pricing if you sign up now now now!

Oh my gosh! Breathe. Lets all just take a breath. Is it any wonder we are overwhelmed? Is there any surprise that there are tears, arguments, and feelings of failure before we have even begun. Breathe, be kind to yourself and just take a moment:

Here are some tips and encouragement that I have for ya’ll.

  1. Breathe, yes taking a deep cleansing breath with a pause is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. We as human beings do not breathe correctly, we take short shallow breaths. Take a moment for a deep mindful breath, I promise you that you will feel just a tad better.
  2. Fire the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee in your head that is telling you that you have to do all of these things! This negative Inner Critic that tells you all of the things you must do. It tells you that  you must have a ” perfect holiday” with all of the obligations it deceives you into believing you must meet. Worst of all this voice that does not even give you a moments rest between 2 of the hardest months of the year, and a NEW YEAR NEW YOU requirement! For goodness sake! Tell that voice to shut up!
  3. Instead of making resolutions and other punitive vows for the new year, how about being gentle with yourself? Pick one word that you can focus on for the year. This is what I do and what we do in our Facebook Group The Resolute Word. We dump the resolutions for a kinder gentler focus of one word for the year. My word this year is Honor. I have made no other resolutions, I will Honor myself first. Will I bet perfect at it? NO. But guess what I am on top of that Itty Bitty Shitty Committee at all times, and I know how to adjourn their meeting.
  4. If your  self care went out the window, increase it in small ways. Breathe, sleep an extra 10 mins if you can, give yourself a technology break for 10 mins. Listen to music. There are so many things you can add in, in small amounts that can add up.
  5. Release the New Year New You mentality. There is this weird belief you must change yourself NOW and if you have not mastered it by the end of January you never will. First you are precious just as you are. If you want to enhance your life I invite you to do so, but to also remember this. YOU HAVE AN ENTIRE YEAR TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

So dear gentle reader. Lets all be kinder to ourselves, and try not to believe the hype! Acknowledge that this time of year is full of funky energy and that we have the right to ease back into our lives in our own way.

What are you doing to ease back into your life? Did you make resolutions or did you choose a word? I would love to hear from you if you are feeling the pressure and overwhelm, and how you are handling it? Or not handling it. That is OK too. Please comment below.

Sweet Talk & Chocolate Baths

Retrain Your Brain to Allow for Self Care 

I am always talking to my clients about balance, self care and rejuvenation.  It is not easy for them, and to be honest it is not easy for me either. However, it is incredibly important to continue to make them a priority.

I had the immense pleasure of participating in a Podcast with Michelle McGlade and we talked a lot about the challenges as a new business owner and entrepreneur. It was a refreshing and honest talk, she is one of my new favorite people. If you would like to listen you can check it out at http://www.michellemcglade.com/fire-your-inner-critic/

In the vain of balance and rejuvenation,  I am making this post short and sweet as I am heading out to the sweetest place on earth with one my dear friends to get some pampering. Did you know that there really is a place that you get to bathe in chocolate? Oh yes Hershey Spa here I come.

My gift to you this Friday, is the gift of learning how to Fire Your Inner Critic so you too can allow for more balance, self care and rejuvenation. You can access this gift here.

Interviews, Podcasts and Periscope. Oh My!

When I started my coaching business I never imagined that part of my experience would include being Interviewed about my work, or being a guest on Podcasts. I am not sure why it did not occur to me that I would have to actually educate people about the work that I do? Naive I suppose.

What I have found is that the only thing I love more than Coaching my clients, is sharing my message with those who will listen. Teaching has become part of my mission as a Coach and I am OK with that.

So that being said I wanted to invite you to read this Interview from Success 356, where I was given a wonderful opportunity to give a deep look into Money Mindset and the work I do. I hope you will give it a read.

I have a few podcast interviews that will be coming out soon and I hope you will listen and perhaps share.

I have begun to use this live streaming app called Periscope which is also quite fun to try and provide short bits of teaching to those who view it. I love getting to know you all in an interactive way. Join me on periscope my handle is @lewiskeeber.

So this blog was very ME centric…please forgive that. I hope YOU will find something that is helpful in your day to day life. My deep desire is to Support and Serve you. Please let me share my complimentary book on 7 Strategies to Fire Your Inner Critic. It is my gift to you.

I Am What I Am or Am I?

This week I have been playing with the idea of how much power the two words “I Am” have in the narrative of our lives. These two words confirm our story by becoming the glasses that we put on to view the world. I AM…poor. I AM…not athletic. I AM…not thin because no one in my family is thin. Where did these I AM’s come from? Where did these glasses come from? Is it your voice or someone else’s? Is it possible to change your story? Change your glasses?

When I really sat down and made my list of my own I AM’s what I found was that the majority of them were negative and limiting. Furthermore, I identified that many of those I AM’s came from someone else’s voice and not my own.

To give a personal story, I was 5’6″ at the age of 11 I had shot up really fast, so fast that I ended up getting stretch marks on the back of my legs. I was horrified! When school began again I began collecting new I AM’s. I was taller than any kid in my class. I was told that I was Too Tall, Too Big. I think the nickname Lincoln was thrown around. I am broken, I am not good enough.

I secured the dark glasses of the Limiting I AM’s and viewed my world through them for more years than I care to admit. It is so easy to adopt a story that is not our own. So very easy.

Could the fix really be as simple as to change the way we view the world. We change from the dark glasses of our story to rose colored glasses of a new beautiful affirming I AM. Sadly it is not that easy, but with some retraining of your brain, and practice, those rose colored glasses quickly become the only ones that you need.

I teach my clients how to change their I AM’s in all of my coaching programs. In my Retrain Your Brain for Success class, we work specifically on changing the I AM’s. Those two words are powerful. Why not change them to empower you instead of hold you down? So here’s to the power of the I AM. I AM powerful, I AM smart, I AM not my family’s story, I AM ME!

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From Rock Star to Roadie

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions and I am having a full on TGIF moment.

The world of a Life Coach and Small Business Owner can get a little hectic and has many ups and downs. I had the pleasure to meet up with and network with some amazing local business owners, and with a women’s group geared towards supporting each other in business. I love connecting with people and sharing with them the programs and support that I provide through my Tapping Into Wealth Coaching Program , and Retrain Your Brain for Success Class.

I don’t know about you but I BELIEVE the tools that I teach are absolutely imperative when you are breaking out on your own to follow your passion.

I am in love with the coaching practice itself and the Aha moments that my clients have as well. I truly love what I do.

One of my clients this week gave me this amazing endorsement :

Just completed my first session with my favorite financial coach and I am glowing with praise! Totally blown away by today’s discoveries.
Ladies, if you are ready to GO DEEP and unpack some of your issues surrounding your money, clear out the limiting beliefs you are carrying around, and get started on creating a new “money map” that actually works specifically for you- I highly recommend this service: Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching.

It’s like a therapy session, energetic healing treatment, and financial fairy godmother all got together and came over to my house for tea.

 Michelle L

How cool is that? I get to be a connector of people, a healer, a therapist and a FAIRY GOD MOTHER! I love that!

And then just like that the moment can turn. You can go from being a total Fairy God Mother Rock Star to the “Kid that did not get picked”  A promotion piece I worked very hard on and overcame a fear to complete was “Not picked”. I ain’t gonna lie, it hurt! That is every kid’s worst nightmare and a trauma that we can hold very close to our hearts as adults as well.

Such is life for that new business owner, career jumper, healer, life coach whomever you may be. We are in for the ride of our lives! We go from Rock Star to Roadie in a matter of seconds. This is why it is imperative to have connection with a tribe of supporters and fans. This is why having a Tool in your Tool kit like Tapping is crucial to building up that self esteem and erasing doubt when it raises it’s ugly head.

In my upcoming class Retrain Your Brain for Success I teach you how to stay on course, rebound from the Inner Critic when it gets triggered, and how to find and utilize your tribe. The tool of TAPPING has also been a key ingredient to keeping me on track. When I get derailed by a moment of “not being picked” I know that I can use Tapping and it will make me feel like a Rock Star again. I cannot stress the benefit of this technique enough.

You know we all want to feel like a Rock Star or maybe a Fairy Godmother that is OK too.

If you would like to know more about Retraining Your Brain for Success? I would love it if you would contact me here.

PS: Don’t forget the FREE Gift I am offering right now! The gift of learning the amazing Technique of Tapping. Sign up for my newsletter below if you would like to receive the information for my FREE Tapping into Transformation Call on Tuesdays in August.

Mean Coach Or Cheerleader?

Which One Are You?

Manifest MondayEach Monday I create a Manifest Monday Post on my Facebook page…and this past week I set this intention “I manifest a consistent joyful practice of moving my body to increase my fitness and health levels.”  This has been a primary focus of mine as I have learned that I have let a Mean Coach running amok in my head. It has been shaming me and stealing the joy and fun that can be had in regards to exercise.

You see I fell for the lie we tell ourselves, that we must shame, degrade and force ourselves to get things done. What I learned, is that I have used exercise as a tool to punish my body because I did not like the way it looked.  I have allowed a MEAN COACH in my brain to pit me against myself. If I use exercise as a tool to punish my body because I listened to this Mean Coach, how likely is it that I will continue to move my body? That I will find fun in it? Not likely. It is  a vicious cycle of negative reinforcement that is not sustainable or joyful.

I wondered if there was another way? If I could release the need to punish my body with exercise, and fire that Mean Coach? If I could use exercise as a tool for self care and love towards my body, what kind of voice would come about? I have the answer! It is a Cheerleader with the happiest, most vibrant voice that emerges. It encourages, it shines, it embraces movement as a joyful gift to my body instead of a punishment. I never in a million years thought that I could exercise with joy and love for my body, instead of punishment and loathing.

We can in fact Retrain Our Brain to celebrate our progress, which in turn leads us to finding success in our goals, with fun, joy and ease. I have learned to replace the Mean Coach with a Cheerleader. You can learn this too! If you would like to know how, contact me and I will help you fire your Mean Coach too!