Transforming Wealth

Tapping into Financial Success

I am a certified Transforming Wealth Coach trained by Nationally Renowned Wealth Coach Margaret M Lynch.

It’s time to show you how to stop being the person you’ve been, and start being the person you truly are.

The real reason you don’t see more money in your life is programmed into your very mind-body connection – without your permission.

  • Get ready to ACTIVATE your mind-body connection with a program that comes alive in the hearts of those who follow it.
  • Get ready to LIBERATE yourself and clear your limiting vows about money.
  • Get ready to CREATE a wealthy life of meaning and impact.

I will take you through processes designed to identify why you are not succeeding in your financial and professional life. We will identify blocks to receiving success and money and will clear them away to leave room for you to step fully into your life.

The following processes will be customized to your own personal and individual journey.

Process 1

Your Confidential Money Map

You will create an amazing Confidential Money Map, which will help you reveal your personal blocks to success and wealth.

You will uncover the mind/body/money connection and see how this has been interfering with manifesting your financial desires.

This process will provide you with solid proof, in black and white, of how you have created your financial reality and what you can do to change it.

Process 2

Your Early Money Programming

This process will help you delve deep into the source of your money blocks. It will allow you to  uncover the root of your belief systems about money and success.

You will reveal the limiting beliefs and blocks that influence:

  • your ability to earn money
  • how much wealth you feel you deserve
  • how hard you believe you have to work for your income

Process 3

Heal Financial Trauma

A “Financial Trauma” is any unhealed trauma or significant event in your life that has impacted your ability to succeed financially. It is often very surprising which events have powerfully impacted your money energy.

It is empowering to “release” these events to transform your current money situation.

Process 4

Your Outrageous Income Goal

You will be taught the importance of setting Goals? You will learn how setting goals can reveal more blocks and limiting beliefs. The blocks will then be released so that you can believe in manifesting your goal.

When we actually set our goals, get clear and specific, our minds and our energy start to find ways to make them our reality. It’s the Law of Attraction in action!

How important would it be to identify and release what is standing in your way? It is the difference between an outrageous dream becoming an attainable outrageous goal.

Process 5

Heal Goal Trauma

Have you ever had a Dream, or a Goal, that you totally went for,  gave it YOUR all…and You didn’t succeed?

Painful “goal traumas” like these can limit your dreams and create a subconscious block to truly believing in yourself again.

You will identify any goal trauma that you may have. You will truly see the impact it has had on your energy, and ability to believe in your goals. You will work to release this trauma and once again reach for your goals in an empowered way.

Process 6

Backward Spiral

In this module we will address what happens when you start taking steps to achieve your Outrageous Goal and experience successful results… and then get hit with backlash!

Your very success can cause you to start experiencing one or more of these things: fear, shame, or battle with yourself, or the world around you. When we have a significant up leveling in our energy, it can uncover more blocks and limiting beliefs that can lead to feelings of a backlash.

You will discover the personal ways in which you experience backlash and create a map to get out of the cycle of this “backward spiral”.

You will also identify the number 1 secret that will give you the energy to continue taking action when you feel that you are ready to throw in the towel.

Process 7

Your Outrageous Income Goal

Part II

You will follow a step-by-step process that will uncover limiting beliefs and vows to be invisible.

You will uncover your fears of other people”s reactions and judgments,  and see how they have impacting your success. You will learn to release them to manifest your outrageous goal with ease.

In this process you will challenge yourself and your limiting beliefs, and you will be rewarded. The universe is ready for you to share your gifts with the world and mirror back your value, are you ready?

Process 8

Hidden Agendas

This is a crucial step in finally aligning with the Law of Attraction and manifesting your financial wealth.

Do you feel like you take two steps forward and three steps back when trying to achieve a goal?

It’s possible that there is something else (subconsciously) attached to your Goal that is interfering with its manifestation: they are your Hidden Agendas.

In a simple and yet powerful process you will discover the last pieces that might be interfering with manifesting your wealth and success.

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