I talk about the things no one else will talk about

Speaking, writing, and listening to stories about trauma and how it shows up in our lives is what I do. I create tools and techniques for entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and into lives that are free from old patterns. I help people create strategies for successful futures. And I write it all down.

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Transformation not Information

"Where's my holy shift? "This was the question that my peer asked me after I had shared my process with her on exploring money trauma. I was a little surprised

Bald Beautiful and Boundaries!

Surprise! I am bald! So, a few things have been going on around here some of you know and many of you don't. I now look like a badass with

Solutions not absolution

Let me ask you a question. All of those promises you made to God or the Divine when you were going through a life trial, how many of them did

Is Your Business a Road to Redemption?

Is Your Business a Road to Redemption?   Have you created your business to be a road to redemption? If you have created it for that outcome how will you

How Chelsea Handler Got Free From Childhood Trauma

“ I didn’t think that I had the right to be in pain”, these words from Chelsea Handler on the Bill Maher show recently got my attention. My husband Jason

Why Looking Back Helps Your Business Move Forward

My response to the question “Why do I have look back at painful experiences to help my business?” Triggers can be tricky things. If you feel overwhelmed by this article,

The Right Way is Different for Everyone

Trauma Triggers Can Be Tricky Business For some time now I have been speaking and writing about the impact of trauma on entrepreneurship and small businesses. I have outlined the

Lessons from an omelet

I have been pretty quiet here because I was traveling in the South of France. If you follow me on social media I am sure you have gotten an eye

Does Your Business Design Include Emotional Sustainability?

Or Are We Co-Signing Abusive Business Behaviors? Hustling toward success does not have to mean leaving ourselves emotionally bereft yet this is exactly how many “highly successful” business owners drive

Give them what they paid for and that is it!!

Greetings from SC! I had an experience last night I wanted to share with you!  Let me give you a little background first. One of the biggest struggles that I

5 Steps To Loving Your Most Unloveable Parts

For almost 20 years in my role as therapist and now coach, I have been asking my clients to fall in love with their most unloveable self. It has been

Dear 2017….

Why I am a firm believer in writing love letters.  I think that too often we get stuck in the mindset that challenging experiences need to be pushed through and


Retrain Your Brain, 7 Strategies To Fire Your Inner Critic

Take a look at the internal messages your brain has been using to hold you back...and learn tips and tricks to get out of your own way! This actionable book will help you retrain your brain for success.

The Three Whys

Do you feel stuck in your business, churning out results and filling your days with busy work without actually moving forward? Instead of getting wrapped up in the “how” of doing business, The Three Whys will help you get on track to building a business and life you love.

COMING SOON! How To Love Your Business

Learn what your inner kiddo has to say about your business and explore the ways that your past has been messing with your plan. How To Love Your Business will teach you how to use self-compassion, boundaries, and assessment tools to get back to (or build!) the successful business you want and love.