I talk about the things no one else will talk about

Speaking, writing, and listening to stories about trauma and how it shows up in our lives is what I do. I create tools and techniques for entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and into lives that are free from old patterns. I help people create strategies for successful futures. And I write it all down.

Here’s where you’ll find information about my books with free resources below.


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Retrain Your Brain, 7 Strategies To Fire Your Inner Critic

Take a look at the internal messages your brain has been using to hold you back...and learn tips and tricks to get out of your own way! This actionable book will help you retrain your brain for success.

The Three Whys

Do you feel stuck in your business, churning out results and filling your days with busy work without actually moving forward? Instead of getting wrapped up in the “how” of doing business, The Three Whys will help you get on track to building a business and life you love.

COMING SOON! How To Love Your Business

Learn what your inner kiddo has to say about your business and explore the ways that your past has been messing with your plan. How To Love Your Business will teach you how to use self-compassion, boundaries, and assessment tools to get back to (or build!) the successful business you want and love.