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Spring Into Abundance

It is the first day of Spring! This makes me particularly happy because it hits me in all the right mindset places. I live in Pennsylvania so it gets dark cold and dreary here, which is hard for a girl who grew up in the sunnier state of North Carolina. So, I live for spring and the extended daylight and all of the promise that it brings.

So how can Spring help you with abundance? Oh, and will you forgive me for using the word abundance? I know that it is an overplayed marketing buzzword these days but I have not found a better word to use yet. ( taking suggestions)

Back to the topic at hand. How can Spring help you with abundance? In soo many ways! When we think about Spring it brings to mind life, growth, abundance, rebirth! We can take this fertile time of rebirth to set intentions for our life, business, and money.

I want you to take a moment, and think about what you love about Spring. What about it excites you? When you ponder it, I bet you begin to think of all of the activities you can do again, creating the yard and home you love again by planting, clearing and cleaning. Do you imagine yourself taking walks outside taking in all of the gorgeous flowers, trees, and budding wildlife? It is quite miraculous, isn’t it? What does it make you want to do?

Spring is my most creative time and the time of year that I must want to launch programs and be amongst the world. Launch coming more on that in a later post!

Here are 3 Steps that you can take to “ Spring into Abundance”

  1. Right now I want to visualize all of the lush colors of spring and I want you to take out a piece of paper, your journal or a document on your computer. Then, I want you to write down 3 intentions that you have for your business. What are 3 things that you want to grow this spring? ( I would love to hear them)
  2. I want you to write down 3 incomes goals that you have for your business. First, the number you are averaging now plus 10%, the number that you want to be making, and then finally the outrageous number that would make you toe curling happy! What steps can you take to begin making these numbers come to life?
  3. I want you to imagine what it would feel like to have the business of your dreams, the money in your outrageous goal, and the lifestyle that it would afford you. Write it down. Visualize it.

We must be able to see what we want to create. When we plant a seed for a flower we have a pretty good idea what that flower will look like, we water it and attend to it because we intentionally planted that seed and are nurturing the outcome. Setting intentions in our money and business are much the same.

Visualize what you want, write it down and set the intention and the follow the dream. Spring is a great time to do this. So why not start today? Let me help you set the intentions for your money and your business.

What would it mean to you if by the first day of summer you had met at least half of these goals? Let me help you get there. By filling out this form, you can request a complimentary discovery call to get started now.

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Shameless Promotion

#IamBeingBoss by posting about my first online program. I say shameless promotion and I mean it! How many times have you made an offer for your services, voice shaky, palms sweaty as you put a price on your life’s work? Only for someone to say ” that is too much” , ” I don’t have the money for that” and my favorite after these others statements are made….wait for it.  ” I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY BLOCKS” 

I feel you! So what do I do as a Money Mindset Expert when I launch my online program and webinar and have not one sale in 24 hours?  I use my tools, I tap for my frustration, I look at the psychology of buying and see where I can make changes, I know that I did not spend enough time actually promoting my program. Do I let the ” Itty Bitty Shitty Committee” weigh in on my worth? Hell no! DO I give up? Of course not!

This is not personal people, I know what I offer is of HIGH LIFE CHANGING VALUE, it is all logistics. SO I make a shameless promotion! Here is what my clients have said about the results they have gotten from working with me.

“I was able to release money blocks and step into hosting a one of a kind live event”

Jeannie Spiro

Business, Marketing & Sales Strategist

Founder of www.JeannieSpiro.com


“I am thrilled to begin this new chapter debt free”

Donna Cravotta

CEO, Social Visibility Expert, Social Sage PR LLC 


Still, think you don’t need this? Think again. Are you starting to feel like there is shame in promoting yourself or your business? Shameful feelings in making an offer and putting a price on your services? Should there be shame in promotion? If you have even a hint of a YES to this question, we need to talk.

I am excited that there are TWO ways that you can work with me now. You can take advantage of my online course by clicking here and getting it for $497 for a short time. The first 10 people who sign up will get a one on one coaching call with me which is valued at $275.

If you are not an online program person and want to work with me one on one? Here is the link to schedule a discovery call with me. 

I have a gift for you! Learn what your Money Mindset Type is by downloading this Guide. In this guide I show the 4 Types of Money Mindset I see the most, and share links to videos I created to teach you more about them!



How Your Family Impacts Your Money Mindset

Hey there!

So in this post, I have included a video that I created where I talk more about family, money and shifting paradigms. I talk about a client who did not believe her history could impact her money, and how I showed her how easily our history can impart our money.

 The culture we grew up in informs our behaviors around all things including money

Check out the video, and find out why a Middle-Class Mindset is kryptonite to a business owner! 

I am curious to know how your family paradigm has impacted your money? Can you see where you may have let these untapped blocks get in the way of your creating more money in your business? If you would like to chat more about how to change your paradigm around money? Contact me...I would love to chat.

I have a gift for you! Learn what your Money Mindset Type is by downloading this Guide. In this guide I show the 4 Types of Money Mindset I see the most, and share links to videos I created to teach you more about them!

Money Mindset! Is Wealth Yucky?

I bet the answer would surprise you! 

Ahhh money…it is a topic that we are uncomfortable talking about. We have a love hate relationship with it. We think we love it and want more of it, but we hate how it rules our lives and when others have more than we do.  Be honest with yourself really honest…when you find out that someone is making more money than you, or you see a celebrity “ flaunting their wealth” what are the immediate thoughts you have? I bet that they are judgments, jealousy or maybe something else.

Yes yes I know we can pretty quickly move to happiness for the person we KNOW who had a windfall , but those rich celebrities? I would venture to say that the wealthy still keep you envious.

So let me ask you this? If you, WE have these immediately triggered judgments about money and wealth. WHY oh why would you really want to have it? Who wants to be judged? Who wants their family and friends to be envious? We spend our whole lives trying to NOT be the Other! I promise you these unconscious blocks are play a major role in your leaving money on the table. We do not want that!. Check out this video where I discuss this block further:

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Do you have any other ideas about how you get blocked around money and wealth? I would love to hear back from you.

P.S If you want to learn more about ways you can overcome your blocks to wealth? Sign up for a free Discovery Call with me to learn more. You can contact me here: Contact Nicole

You Cannot Charge What You Are Worth

I will admit it I have a pet peeve in this world of Money Mindset Coaching.  I hear this phrase over and over “ You need to  charge what you are worth” ! What? Charge what you are worth? First of all, how does one determine this? Second, how do you not compare you worth, when you price your services in comparison to others?

If your competitor charges two times the price you do does that mean that they are worth more? Um no. It does not work that way. It just doesn’t.

I was in Florida this past week at a coaching event and I heard this phrase spoken over and over, so it compelled to me to get on Facebook live and have a discussion about it. You can find that video here.

In this video I cover the following:

  1. You cannot charge what you are worth because YOU my dear are priceless! Priceless!!!
  2. You need to price your services so that they are congruent with your vision.
  3. You need to create and hone in on your vision so you know how to create congruency in pricing.

Many people including entrepreneurs, business owners, healers, coaches do need money mindset help. Each of us have a money story and many of those stories can get in the way of us creating that vision and feeling confident in charging for our services.

This is where I can help. If you want to talk more about how to charge for your services, and how to do so with confidence? I invite you to have a complimentary discovery call with me and I will help you get clarity. Start here.

Forgive me a Little March Madness

March is a rough month, each year at this time I see a spike in interpersonal chaos. Marriages I thought were solid dissolve, friendships end, financial and employment crisis seem to manifest. Even the weather gets touchy—in like a lion and out like a lamb—the rumble between winter and spring, dark and light, sunny and warm followed by a chance of storms.

So in honor of the stormy, unstable, beautiful mess that is March Madness I offered up the opportunity for people from my tribe to request a blog post topic. This call was answered by an amazingly talented, intelligent and dynamic woman by the name of Brenda who requested a post on How to Forgive.

This seems an appropriate topic, the emotional and energetic volatility that we experience in March often puts us in the path of conflict. We find ourselves experiencing more incidences, and interactions with people that may require forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a topic that is an ongoing source of exploration for me and my clients. The first question is:

Do we have to forgive?

For the longest time, I was not sure that we had to. To this day, I am not sure that I fully have forgiven some people, including myself. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the concept of the Book of Offenses and how we spend so much time and energy recording in and carrying around this book. In that moment when we record that offense against that person, situation or experience it feels GOOD doesn’t it? We scribble that offense down and tag the offenders and make angry notes in the margins. Anytime we think about letting it go, we flip back to that page and see that red angry writing where we recorded that offense and we get fired up again!

Elizabeth Gilbert goes on to share this about the book,

…over the years, you can become broken and sick from carrying around your Book of Offenses forever on your back. Your spine and your soul can be crushed beneath that heavy granite slab, with its names carved so deep. You get so bent and twisted beneath that unforgiveness that you cannot even lift your face to the sky anymore. Then what has your life become? How can you fly? How can you ever be free?

This is a pretty profound endorsement for forgiveness, who wants to be bent over and sick from carrying that HUGE book of offenses? I sure don’t. So then what? How do we forgive, and furthermore what does that mean?

Iyanla VanZant teaches a course on forgiveness. This is an excerpt from one of her posts

Forgiveness doesn’t mean agreeing with, condoning, or even liking what has happened. Forgiveness means letting go and knowing that—regardless of how challenging, frightening, or difficult an experience may seem—everything is just as it needs to be in order for you to grow and learn.

This is an important distinction. Forgiveness does not mean you agree with or condone what has happened!

Hear me people, when I say forgiveness does not equal accepting bad behavior nor does it require you to allow this person access to your current life. You can forgive someone for purely selfish reasons, and create epic boundaries so that they can not  wound you around your power again. FORGIVENESS DOES NOT LET THEM OFF THE HOOK!

Iyanla also goes on to say:

Only forgiveness can liberate minds and hearts once held captive by anger, bitterness, resentment, and fear. Forgiveness is a true path to freedom that can renew faith, build trust, and nourish the soul.

Forgiveness is freeing, forgiveness is painful, and maddening. For some it can come in a flash and they feel the weight of the world removed from their shoulders. For me? It is an ongoing choice, process and often difficult journey.

What is the act of forgiveness like for you?

One thing I know for certain is that the most important person we need to forgive first, is ourselves. When we can truly forgive ourselves, and find our voice and foster those boundaries from a place of power? That is when we have the space to truly forgive others.

Here are a few steps that you can take to move towards forgiveness

  1. Voice the pain, tell a trusted friend, counselor or confidant. In some instances you may be able to voice the pain to the person who perpetrated the event. The main focus here is to voice the pain without expectation of the other person.
  2. Spend some time in reflection and ask yourself “What do I need to forgive myself for?” Forgiveness of self is the gateway to learning how to forgive others.
  3. Find the gift (I know this sounds weird). We learn something from all experiences in life good or bad. Can you find some small gift or lesson that you can take from it and grow it?
  4. Release with a ritual. I love rituals particularly ones that allow for releasing and receiving. Write down what you want to release on a piece of paper, burn it, throw it into the surf, toss it into a stream. Saying out loud “I forgive you and I release us both from this painful bond” Then voice what you want to bring into your life. Do you want more love? Do you want to take the energy that you spent resenting and use it to curate a new project? Do you want to call in self care? Permission to do something fun? Make sure you create space to receive.

Now it is your turn. How do you find forgiveness in your heart without feeling like you are betraying yourself and condoning what happened? Do you have any forgiveness practices or rituals that you use? I would love to hear from you. Please comment below.

Here are links to the posts by Elizabeth Gilbert Book of Offenses and Iyanla Vanzant 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything


How to Stay in Love With Your Business! From Hot and Heavy to Slow and Steady.

Ahh love, this topic has been in the forefront of my mind lately. I wrote a series of blog posts on the topic of How to Fall In Love With Your Business, starting with this one.

The teleseminar that I offered on this topic, was exciting and energizing for those who attended. It was a ripe environment to explore the topic of relationship building with our business. I know I learned just as much from my attendees as they learned from me.

One of the questions I was asked by email after the call was this one “ So if you fall in love with your business, how do you stay in love with it?”  This is a very good question. I touched on a similar sentiment on the call but, it made me think a bit deeper on this topic.

I asked myself: How do I stay in love with my business? What can we do to stay in love and nurture this relationship? As I have admitted before it took me about a month to move through this process from my Aha to developing this  clarity and partnership with my business. So I am a mere babe when it comes to the nurturing and maintaining peice of this puzzle.

However, dear reader my many years of being a Psychotherapist has given me some insight into relationships and how this might play out:  As with all relationships there are stages, we fall in love, we make plans, we create a partnership with dreams in common, we have triumphs and failures. There are times that we are not as connected and take each other for granted. Yes we even hurt each other, we still hurt those we love because we are human we are not perfect.

I have said many times that Life is not a train ride, with straight lines with clear station stops. It is more like a boat ride, sometimes we are docked and safe, sometimes we have choppy seas and often we have calm waters. We ride the waves, we face the storms, and we express gratitude when we are safe in port again, or blessed with calm waters. It is still a magnificent journey.

So let me ask you? Think of your significant other, or someone you love. Do you only love them when things go well? Are there times that you literally love them but do not like them very much? I am sure you can relate. What is the magic that keeps you in that relationship? Is it accepting that even though we love there will be hard times? We don’t just stop loving someone when things get hard, we lean in, we nurture, we ask questions.

This will be the same for this relationship we are building with your businesses. We learned to lose the abuse and fall in love with our business. Now we learn how to have a sustainable relationship. Taking accountability for our part of the equation is crucial.

This is something I will be living and writing about. I would love to learn from you as well. What has this process of falling in love with your business changed in your life? What are you fears about backtracking and taking this relationship for granted? I would love to hear from you. Comment below:


What is Money Mindset and How Can I Tap Into Wealth?

Intention is the key to abundance

This past year one of my goals was to secure some podcast interviews and begin to get more exposure in my work and in my business. I never imagined how much fun that I would have being interviewed for these Podcasts. The people I have met along the way are Dynamic and amazing women in business.

My intention is to create a Throw Back Thursday Podcast post, so that you fine people will not miss a thang!

It was an honor to be interviewed on Money Mindset by Granting Favor Talk Radio. Check out the interview here


Let me know what you think? If you want to learn more about Money Mindset and Tapping Into Wealth I invite you to contact me

Fire Your Inner Critic!

Shut down the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee Now!

 This past year one of my goals was to secure some podcast interviews and begin to get more exposure in my work and in my business. I never imagined how much fun that I would have being interviewed for these Podcasts. The people I have met along the way are Dynamic and amazing women in business.

My intention is to create a Throw Back Thursday Podcast post, so that you fine people will not miss a thang!

One of the Podcasts I was interviewed for was with Bonnie Groessl. I was a guest on “The Holistic Entrepreneur” talk radio show. Listen in and hear how Bonnie and I both work on Firing that Inner Critic!

Available on SoundCloud, or iTunes, and as a direct download.

Let me know what you think? If you want to learn how to shut down your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee send me a message I would love to talk with you!

Bah! Humbug! Why Scrooge (and You!) May Need a Money Mindset Coach

It’s that time of year when Holiday Programming begins to play on TV. My husband Jason and I will often absent-mindedly watch “A Christmas Carol” several times while doing other things. The other night we were watching the version where Scrooge is played by Albert Finney and Jason says to me, “Talk about people who need a money mindset coach!” I asked him, “Which one? Seems like they all do!”

I thought about this a bit further and it came even more into focus for me. Picture poor Bob Cratchit underpaid, undervalued, and yet he stills stays with his employer (I know, I know, let’s suspend time for a moment and forget it was the 1800s in England and that the class system was in place). I wonder what “limiting beliefs” Bob may have had about money wealth and success. Perhaps he believes that:

  1. You have to work hard and struggle for your paycheck
  2. I am working class; my people don’t get ahead in life.
  3. If I try to do something different I will be a target.

Who knows for sure? But, I’m sure you could come up with a few more.

What would Bob’s life look like if he were to challenge those limiting beliefs and reach out for success and wealth as he stepped up confidently into his own business? Why his whole world would change! His children’s and his wife’s world would be vastly different. Do you think he would be happier?

How about Scrooge’s nephew? If ever there was a fellow who believed in and lived by the Law of Attraction, it was Fred. He gave his support and kindness freely. He did not believe that wealth was something to hoard or hold onto. He lived as if he would always be the benefactor of the Universe’s riches and he always was. His family, his home, his business and his circle of friends benefited from his generous nature and his unwavering belief that he and his fellow man were deserving of good things.

Then there is Scrooge, the founding father of the “War Chest Hoarder Movement.” To him, wealth was meant to be hoarded at all expense, even that of himself and his fellow man. Wealth was a weapon in his arsenal. He built his wealth with greed and paranoia, amassing a pile of money that NO ONE was going to enjoy, not even him. What kind of mindset would someone have to have to have such a miserable and miserly existence? What limiting beliefs does he have?

  1. Perhaps he does not trust that money will come to him because he has seen people lose everything.
  2. Maybe he is in rebellion against his father and not able to be kind because he did not experience kindness.
  3. Perhaps he does not feel worthy, so he cannot allow himself to let his guard down and enjoy his wealth.

Again, I’m sure you can think of more possibilities.

I have heard this story a thousand times. I have watched this movie over and over, in many different versions How did I fail to see the message in them? Easy. I did not know I should be looking for them. Just like my clients, they earn, spend and negotiate their money millions of times, but they fail to see the messages in their patterns. Which brings me to my job.

Yes, you guessed it. I get to play the Spirits in this story. I am the Spirit of Christmas Past. I help my clients uncover their money story of limiting beliefs that accumulated around their mindset about wealth and success. I am the Spirit of Christmas Present. I help my clients look at their current situation and help them to see things differently. I am the Spirit of Christmas Future. I help my clients reveal the true cost to their future if they do not change their ways. I help them see what is possible and what is inevitable so that they have a choice. So that they can change their life too.

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Who knew that you could get so much good stuff from Scrooge? I know I am shocked, too. However, take a moment and think to yourself: Who am I in this story? How could my life change if I took a good look at my Mindset around Money and revealed and released any of that junky energy that may be lingering there? What is the cost to me if I don’t?

If you feel that you need a visit from the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, I invite you to contact me by clicking here for a free Discovery Session.  We’ll travel back to your past where money stories took hold. We’ll swing into the future to see where, if left unchanged, they will lead you. And, more importantly, together we’ll become more present to your current money story and explore your options to change or shift your Money Story. After all, even Scrooge saw his way clear to a brighter tomorrow.
I would love to your thoughts on how you see “A Christmas Carol” in this new light, and would love if you would comment below.