What kind of relationship do you have with your business?

Is it loving and supportive?

Or demanding and demeaning?

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I would really love to tell you that as a Life Coach and Therapist I’ve got my shit all figured out, but, alas, that is not the case. In fact, I’m a DAMN FINE Life Coach because I haven’t gotten my shit figured out! I’m in the struggle, just like you! This keeps me hungry, “in the game,” and wanting to learn and to grow. Hungry for knowledge; needing support and guidance. I feel where you are because I am right beside you.

Do I love my business and my coaching?

Yes. Yes, I do! I love my clients. I love the work that we do together. I love being a part of their journey. And most of all, I love seeing the measurable results they get in their Financial Freedom.

I then ask myself, Does my business love me in return?

It doesn’t! I feel like my business is a fickle mistress. She smiles on me one day and turns her back the next. She’s a task master always wanting more and things are never enough. I cannot garner favor from my business! It runs from me, making me prove myself over and over. “No!” I cried, “My business does not love me!” In fact, some days I think it wants me dead! It feels like I am in an abusive relationship with my business! WHAT?

I was shocked! I was appalled! What I didn’t realize is that I somehow managed to recreate every dysfunctional relationship I ever had and manifested them in my business. My Inner Critic got on her high horse and began to berate me: “Well done, Nicole. You are now in an abusive relationship with your own business! How could you have let this happen?”

And in that moment, I vowed to change the way I related to my business from then on.

But how could I fix it? What could I do now that I had this A-Ha? You know what? Easy! I fixed it with ease, and it’s made all the difference in my business and in my life.

Let me show you how to end your abusive relationship with your business and, in its place, create a love affair instead.

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