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Trauma Conscious Business™️

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When you’re courageous enough to look at the real problems that have been holding you back from making more money, stepping into your innate leadership style, or setting clear boundaries, that’s when everything changes.

Do you want to be a Trauma Conscious Business™️? By addressing how trauma may be showing up in your business, you can begin to disrupt your old patterns, change your relationship with your business, and set yourself on the trajectory for the success you’ve wanted all along.

Make Lasting Changes To Achieve Audacious Goals

When you work with me, you can bring all your woo or whatever else to the table. (But I definitely don’t believe you have to be woo to make real changes.)

In fact, I want you to bring everything: all your emotions, your baggage, your inner critic, your parent issues, your frustrations, and your challenges.

The truth is that the only way we can move past the obstacles you’ve been facing in your business is if we aren’t afraid to look at the whole picture. So many times with coaching we bring one part of us and hide others which means we’re only addressing part of the challenges we face.

Things you will never ever hear from me:

  • Just get over it already
  • Quit your whining
  • I’ve run out of ideas
  • You’re beyond help
  • You’ll have to figure this out yourself

I can support you while you gently yet honestly navigate your emotional landscape as well as encourage you to make and achieve audacious goals while creating your Emotional Sustainability Plan™️.

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