Finally get the clarity you need to break through

Do you feel like there is a block or blind spot in your business that will not budge no matter what you have tried?
Do you feel like the business solutions and strategies that you are trying are not fixing the underlying problem?
Are you so sick of dealing with this unseen block that keeps showing up over and over?

You are right. There is a missing piece to the puzzle and it might be one you never imagined!


It certainly wasn’t what Kathy expected when we worked together:

“Before finally scheduling my session with Nicole, I’d been debating back and forth as to whether or not I really needed help. I’ve always believed if I hit a rough spot, I could power through and work hard to meet my goals. But, this time, I was struggling. It felt like something was holding me back and I didn’t know what it was. I felt like a failure. Nicole helped me uncover the real cause of my struggle. She helped me realize how an experience from my childhood was creeping into how I manage my business and my relationship with my business partner. Even though the experience wasn’t serious trauma, it impacted the way I built relationships with people — which I never realized before I spoke to Nicole. She listened to me with compassion and without a hint of judgment. She taught me techniques to break the patterns I’d developed. Even after one session, I felt empowered and excited again. I don’t know why I waited so long to meet with her.”

Kathy Rasmussen, Co-founder of Badassery Magazine

The Assess and Recommend Session is a targeted 90 minute session taking you through the process of excavating why you continue to struggle with a particular area of your business no matter what you have tried. This is not a therapy session, but Nicole uses her experience as a Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, and Life Coach with pre-work and targeting questions to help you reveal the underlying reasons you are stuck. Once you have clarity and recommendations from Nicole you will have the next steps to transform your situation from argh to aha!

Don’t want to read a long sales page and are saying NICOLE take my money? Go ahead and grab your session here:

Need a little more information?

I thought you might because if you are like many of my clients.

  • You are a highly driven business owner and you have created some success in your business, yet you see this “issue” coming up again and again
  • You are independent and a Do It Yourself type person and pride yourself on finding solutions.
  • Let’s be honest you will need a real good reason to spend money on something that feels like “mindset work” or even scarier “looking at emotions in your business”

One thing I know to be true is that when we start a business we enter into a relationship. If we are not aware of this dynamic we are prone to default into relationship patterns from our personal lives and our past. This may not seem like a big deal but it can often be the barrier between a business you love and loves you back? Or feeling alone and disconnected in your business. Building a loving relationship with our business requires that we release old wounds that can feel uncomfortable and we do not want to do that kind of work with just anyone.

My client Patrice needed some convincing. She said, “I don’t let just anyone play around in my psyche.” Me being a therapist and coach was the assurance she needed to take a peek into the emotions of her business.

“I don’t let just anyone play around in my psyche.”

Patrice Dunkley, Mentor Consultant, Teacher at Life Lessons Lab

Who am I to offer you this opportunity to dive in and do some work on these blocks?

I am Nicole Lewis-Keeber and as a trained Psychotherapist and Coach, I have been helping people empower their lives for Success for over 18 years. I have combined my training as a therapist and coach to create a unique approach to changing mindset, confidence and limiting beliefs around money and personal worth.

I have successfully worked with clients to help them reveal the surprising blocks and blind spots that have held them back from making more money and having more ease in their business.

I have helped business owners just like you create an emotional sustainability plan for their business that is in alignment with the business that they are building. Because let’s be honest. We don’t drop our baggage at the door when we start a business.

What’s included?

  1. 90 minute session with me. It can be done via zoom or free conference call.
  2. Recording of the session
  3. Pre-work to get the most out of our time together
  4. We will dive into the area where you are stuck and assess what the “real issue” is.
  5. I will make a recommendation for you on how you can begin to get unstuck and move through that block, so you can spend less time being annoyed with yourself and more time feeling confident.
  6. You will then go and complete the recommendations, using whatever tools or resources I recommend.

Why such a simple offer? Why am I not charging more?

I have been asked all of these questions and here is the answer:

I have found that people are NOT getting help with that block that is running amok in their head and messing with their business because of fear.

Fear of asking for help

Fear that you will get stuck in a long sales conversation for a program you may not be ready for.

Fear of what their block may reveal. Remember, I am also a therapist we can manage what comes up.
Fear of a long program you don’t think you have time for

I used to think it was complicated, too. But it isn’t. In fact, the only offer I have right now for potential clients is a 90 min Assess & Recommend session for $300. Yup, that is it.

Schedule your Session

Still here?

You probably want to know what some other people have said about this session?

“Nicole helped me identify the specific mindset shift I needed to make to engage with my business in a healthier and more productive way. She saw a manageable path forward when all I could see was anxiety and frustration around my business finances. I know have specific steps to try, which is a huge relief for a type A action taker like me!”

Lara Dach, Health & Lifestyle Coach for Women on the Rise

Still on the fence?

A note about the session. Due to the nature of them I have a limited number I can take at a time so grab one now so you can get into the calendar sooner.

A note about pricing – these sessions are popular and the price for them will go up some point soon. So if you are on the fence go ahead and jump in at this price point.

Still not for you?

It is OK. You probably want to do some pre-work on your own. Remember I see you. You are a problem solver and DIYer.

That’s the end. I hope you have enjoyed this sales page. Should you have any further questions I am open to hearing them and seeing how I can help you make a decision – please contact me here.