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People tell me things. Deeply personal things... Even before I thought I could have a career in mental health,  I have been trusted with many stories; some happy, some sad, some would break you in two. I never understood why I was called to be this vault to hold the tender emotions of others, yet I also never want to miss an opportunity to provide support and understand what motivates people and what gets in their way

As a result of a childhood filled with challenges, it seemed like a natural path for me to embrace an educational track that focused on human behavior, family dynamics, mental and behavioral health sciences. So I did and have worked in the behavioral health field since 1997 and hold a Masters Degree in Social Work with a Clinical License and have experience as a Psychotherapist.

Over the past few years I evolved from working as a Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist and embarked on creating a business supporting and empowering entrepreneurial women leaders.

On this fascinating journey, I realized that along the way my 20+ years as a mental health professional and lifetime as a world class listener has groomed me to be a profoundly intuitive coach too.

Through this realization, I feel more complete than I ever have both personally and professionally… I learned to be in love with my business, to let go of what I no longer need, and most importantly, I learned to believe that I am enough right here, right now. Well, for now as you know the work never ends 😉

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After four years of delivering in-person retreats for my private clients, I finally decided it was time to bring in a guest speaker. But, after four years of delivering a stellar experience for my clients on my own, I was not willing to bring in just anyone - whomever I asked had to be special. And, then I came across Nicole's work and knew immediately I had to ask her to speak on the second day of my client retreat. My clients LOVED it. It was intense and it was needed. Nicole has a unique ability to hold space for people as they process and hold them accountable. She's humorous, engaging and most of all, SHE. KNOWS. HER. STUFF. If you have a group of people who look to you for any form of direction or guidance and you want to support them in FINALLY getting out of their own way, you need to book Nicole. You will not regret it.

I also learned how to help the kickass women I work with how to do the same.

They are truly changing the world and that is hard, meaningful work. Shit gets in your way to make sure you are ready to move mountains or stop you. Regardless of what big initiative you are bravely bringing forth, the obstacles are the same.

You question your value, your self-worth, your right to do this work. This often happens in mid-life and you literally unravel. What worked before no longer works. Your productivity tanks, your anxiety level goes through the roof, you question your purpose and your meaning. Faith, trust and certainty abandon you and leave you feeling bleak and defeated.

Sound familiar? Thought so!

It’s not true.

Working with Nicole helped me realized that I created a business that put me into a role I did not want to be in. A role that made me absolutely miserable. I am a glass half full kind of person and I spend a lot of time assess and taking stock of where I am. I did not see that I did this to myself until I spoke with Nicole and then it was crystal clear. Which led me to relief and figuring out my next steps. Hire Nicole if you feel something is off with how your business is supporting you, you will not regret it.

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My own personal journey through this muck has taught me that my mission is to guide women, like you, through this mess so in order to build legacy and create positive impact.

To recognize this process for what it is, empty threats from trauma that was inflicted long ago that has been tucked neatly behind your to do list. You are changing and challenging the status quo of your soul (aka your ego) - it does not like this and is digging in trying to convince you that you cannot do this thing that makes your heart sing.

Funny thing is, you can. If you believe you can.

So what is that thing? You know the one that makes your heart sing. Tell me, I want to know and I want to help you change the world. Let’s chat!

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