The 3 Whys


Do you ever feel like you’re on the hamster wheel of life, running on empty in an attempt to “get it all done” with no clear direction for where you’re going?

Do you feel stuck in your business – churning out results and filling your days with busy work without actually moving forward?

Then this book is for you. Nicole Lewis-Keeber is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Life Coach, Money Mindset Expert, Speaker, Podcaster and Author who guides her clients in getting to the root causes of friction in both business and life.

The Three Whys is a framework for identifying your WHY and all the pieces that determine why you live, love and work the way you do. Without identifying your Whys and all of their layers, it is easy to be distracted by the “shiny object syndrome” we all face in a world of social media comparisons and the “shoulds” of being successful.

Instead of getting wrapped up in the “how” of doing business or making big life changes, Nicole developed The Three Whys as a lens to filter your beliefs and actions to help you get on track to building a business and life you love.