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Trauma and Entrepreneurship, with Nicole Lewis-Keeber


# 142

On this episode of THRIVE—sponsored by E2M Solutions—Kelly and Nicole Lewis-Keeber discuss how past big “T” and small “t” trauma impacts how we lead our agencies.


The Intersection of Trauma & Business with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

A Trauma-Informed Future

# 21

We can’t separate the personal from professional, and why should we? In this podcast, Katie is in conversation with The Business Therapist Nicole Lewis-Keeber who helps us better understand the profound connection between our emotional wellbeing and our business endeavors.


How to Love Your Business with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

The Driven Woman Podcast

# 85

Nicole appears on The Driven Woman Podcast to talk about her new book (How to Love Your Business) with host Diann Wingert.


The Three Whys with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Journals of a Love Addict Podcast

# 41

You may have heard about the importance of your ‘why’–that thing that motivates you and provides a sense of purpose in life and work. But what if that concept was broken down even further, into three parts that took you deeper into that ‘why’? Nicole Lewis-Keeber (therapist, coach & author) has done just that, and she talks with Jodi in this episode of the podcast about The Three Whys. Jodi also shares an early experience that took her away from her Why, and a little about the process of getting back to it.


Unpacking your Money Trauma – with Nicole Lewis-Keeber


We hear about therapy for your life or coaching for your business…but what about when your business needs therapy? Licensed Social Worker and Business Therapist Nicole Lewis-Keeber is here to connect the dots, going beyond your basics in “money mindset” to unpack some of the deeper-rooted beliefs (and yes, even traumas) that may be impacting and defining your current views of and relationship with money.


Trauma and Business Ownership with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

The Connected Yoga Teacher

# 301

Everyone goes through events and/or experiences that cause trauma, and they can have an impact on how we show up in and run our businesses. Yet, this isn’t something people often talk about. Nicole Lewis-Keeber shares their insights about navigating business ownership and trauma.


Is your trauma running your business with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Dietitian Values

# 62

Nicole writes and speaks about the impact of small t trauma on businesses but her biggest, more important work is in combining therapeutic processes with business coaching to help entrepreneurs build emotionally sustainable & financially stable businesses.


Could Your Inner Kiddo Hijack Your Podcast Interviews? Nicole Lewis-Keeber on Trauma Triggers and the Spotlight

Podcast Ally

This episode is all about exploring and understanding how childhood experiences create safety mechanisms that show up when you’re feeling most vulnerable. By understanding Nicole’s work, you can start to recognize your triggers, create a plan for navigating them in the moment.


Inconvenient Truth: Little t Trauma in Entrepreneurship

Liz on Biz™ with Liz Theresa

# 306

Nicole writes and speaks about the impact of small t trauma on businesses but her biggest, most important work is in combining therapeutic processes with business coaching to help entrepreneurs like you build emotionally sustainable, financially stable businesses.


Building Emotional Sustainability in Business with Nicole Lewis Keeber

Evolve: A New Era of Leadership

# 42

Nicole Lewis Keeber delves into the intricacies of our nervous system, explaining its primary function – to keep us alive. She explores the concept of the nervous system constantly interpreting our environment, deciding what is safe and what’s not. Touching upon how it anticipatively breaks down a room full of people, Nicole elaborates on its unseen yet profound role in our daily existence.


How to unpack your money mindset for good with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Scaling Deep – Lisa Princic

# 59

Nicole and Lisa Princic talk about how she decided to combine business coaching with her background as a therapist and social worker to develop this novel approach. She shares her own journey as a money mindset coach and some of the most common obstacles that entrepreneurs run into when trying to build a business that is financially healthy and also emotionally supportive.


Nicole Lewis-Keeber: You Belong Here

Late Bloomer Living Podcast

# 70

After many years in practice as a therapist Nicole realized it was time for her to make a change. She stepped away from her practice, worked another job and took some time to think about her next steps. It took time, but she stayed open and finally found the path that she’s on today… She’s now been featured on numerous media outlets including Fast Company and NPR for her work in breaking the stigma of mental health and business ownership.




# 13

Nicole and I have known each other for several years now, so we are intimately familiar with each other’s work. Nicole shares that the Imposter Complex shows up for her in People Pleasing and Leaky Boundaries and how it’s a delicate and tricky process to determine when those things are a symptom of the Imposter Complex and when they are a symptom of trauma — because they can look very similar. I was struck by the simplicity with which she named that the Imposter Complex is the wounding around how you see yourself. Super clear and super powerful.


What You Need to Know About Coach Abuse with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

The BS-Free Service Business Show

Have you ever worked with a coach and felt like something just wasn’t right? Or left your one-on-one session feeling worse than you did at the start of the call? When you work with a coach, it’s a relationship, which means it’s also possible for abuse to occur. In this episode, guest Nicole Lewis-Keeber joins Maggie Patterson to discuss coach abuse.


Business Trauma With Nicole Lewis-Keeber


# 98

Do you have a healthy relationship with your business? Or is it sometimes toxic and abusive? Have you recreated old unhealthy patterns into your business? Nicole Lewis-Keeber is an expert on how trauma impacts business and how to heal it. When I looked at my own business through this lens, I realized I had been unconsciously setting up some damaging habits.


Nicole Lewis-Keeber on How To Love Your Business (& Have It Love You Back)

Jo Casey : Podcast

This is going to be a great episode for you if you’re someone who has ever struggled with certain aspects of your business, that doesn’t seem to have an obvious strategy solution to them, which AKA is every one of us.