What is your money mindset type?

Ahhh money…it is a topic that we are uncomfortable talking about. We have a love-hate relationship with it. We think we love it and want more of it, but we hate how it rules our lives and when others have more than we do.  Be honest with yourself really honest…when you find out that someone is making more money than you, or you see a celebrity “ flaunting their wealth” what are the immediate thoughts you have? I bet that they are judgments, jealousy or maybe something else.

So let me ask you this? If you, WE have these immediately triggered judgments about money and wealth. WHY oh why would you really want to have it? Who wants to be judged? Who wants their family and friends to be envious? We spend our whole lives trying to NOT be the Other! I promise you these unconscious blocks play a major role in your leaving money on the table. We do not want that!

Money Mindset is the set of mental messages we’ve adopted or learned in the past that come to create our current approach to money in our lives today, even when external conditions have changed. Yes, our past experiences and beliefs about money impact us today, even to the point of how much money we make, spend, save, and squander. Now, THAT is something to pay attention to! And the thing about these beliefs is that they come together in a way that falls into one of 4 Money Mindset Types. 

The 4 Money Mindest Types:

  1. The Scarticy Money Mindest
  2. The Insecure Money Mindset
  3. The Rebellious Money Mindset
  4. The Abundant Money Mindset 

We each fall into one, or a combination, of them. I’ve come up with a simple, straightforward way to determine which one (or parts of several) applies to your relationship with money as a result of my long-term work coaching clients and my extensive experience as a therapist. Once you identify your Money Mindset Type, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever, unable to change it. In fact, this is only a starting point for your journey to a better, healthier relationship with money so you can attract, keep, and enjoy how money comes into your life. 

Download my Money Mindest Type Guide to read more about each of these types and what category you fall into. 

So how do we create new thinking and new energy around money? Here are some starting points.  

5 Steps to New Money Energy

  1. Take an honest look back at your previous year, and the amount of money you made. Can you see a pattern where you were empowered in your money and mindset? Can you see the times where you were less clear and may have been less empowered? Did you charge enough for your services? Were you late on invoicing clients? Did you forgo asking for a raise? Be honest take a look.
  2. Reflect on the year and ask yourself how you felt about it overall? Did you feel burdened or free? Did you have fun creating your financial abundance, or did it feel like you white-knuckled your way through it?
  3. Write down the things you identified as challenges or blocks. Then write down the times you were excelling and pay attention to what was happening at the time? What was working for you?
  4. Take this information and decide what you want to change. How do you want to feel about your money and how you will earn it? What are you willing to invest it and what are you willing to let go of?
  5. Write down your Money Mindset Mantra based upon the above steps. Post it where you can see it and focus on it daily.

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