What is your money mindset type?

Money Mindset is the set of mental messages we’ve adopted or learned in the past that come to create our current approach to money in our lives today, even when external conditions have changed. Yes, our past experiences and beliefs about money impact us today, even to the point of how much money we make, spend, save, and squander. Now, THAT is something to pay attention to!

The Non-Resolution Resolution

The holidays are over, and many of us are coming up for air from all of the Holiday celebrations and expectations.  There […]

5 Surprising Reasons Entrepreneurs Procrastinate

When you can give yourself space to take a long look at the deeper reasons why you struggle with procrastination, you give yourself the best opportunity to make a shift — in your thoughts, and mindset, and actions.

Does Your Business Design Include Emotional Sustainability?

In my business I see clients abusing themselves with what appear to be highly driven and success-gaining behaviors. They strive; hustle; they bust their asses; they work themselves silly; and yet, no matter what, they don’t get relief. Do you know why? Because the solution is not to do more work or strive for more success. That only creates a vicious cycle that spirals. The solution is to engage in activities and in quiet contemplation to focus on feeling loved, and worthy, getting actual satisfaction from what you’ve created, and not needing outside approval to validate YOU.

You can’t just do the work once and forget about it!

I think too often we don’t give ourselves the time and space to really create a bigger picture of what we want in our business or in our lives, for that matter. The creation of our business first comes from a deep WHY and then gets buried by the HOW. If we took a moment to explore the notion of ourselves in relationship to our business, and what paradigm we want to have, I believe many of us would have a different outcome.

Big T Trauma vs Little t Trauma 

Little t traumas are often repetitive, and ongoing and the experience may or may not create a traumatic response for every person. When confronted with Little t trauma support networks, resilience and coping skills can play a huge part in their impact on our lives long term.

“Fake it til you make it” is a harmful mantra 

I DO NOT WANT you to fake anything because it will trigger your Inner Critic to call bullshit on you. Once your Inner Critic calls BS all bets are off and it will actively work at getting you to take another course. No, do not lie to yourself. Do not fake anything. Please! So, you may be wondering what to do instead. I am so glad you asked. I want you to learn how to OWN IT UNTIL YOU GROW IT!