The Non-Resolution Resolution

The holidays are over, and many of us are coming up for air from all of the Holiday celebrations and expectations.  There are so many things that we “put on hold until after the Holidays” that have now come due. Perhaps you have made some resolutions that you want to begin to tackle? Maybe it is time to go back to work and make a dent in the things that have piled up on your desk?

This time of year creates an interesting energetic dynamic. We want to speed up and tackle a New Year New You, we have finally let go of the additional holiday obligations and we are ready to rocket into our NEW YEAR! There is a push and pull between emerging manifesting and mastering! And guess what? We want to do it all at once!

So here you are ya’ll ready to rumble! Resolutions made, word of the year picked, or a “to-do” list written on the wall. You are like a prized fighter hopping around on the side of the ring ready to go in and KICK 2023’s butt! Only to get your ass knocked out by January 15th.

Then something cracks, something spectacular happens about January 15th! Complete and absolute overwhelm! Take heart, it is not your fault. Let me tell you why.

  1. Many of us have had a month or two hijacked in the nicest of ways by extra obligations due to the holidays. So much of the self-care, work obligations, and downtime have fallen by the wayside. We go into survival mode, what MUST be done gets done, and the rest gets put off.
  2. We fall into a mindset of After the Holidays I will take care of…..and all of those things we want to do and take care of pile up.
  3. The extra energy that we have used up on managing family dynamics and expectations has depleted your reserves. Even if you have the nicest and most functional of families, if you get them all together in one place it is bound to zap your energy at some point.
  4. The money that you cheerfully spent on presents, parties, and travel is now manifesting in your depleted bank account, or perhaps your expanding credit card balance.
  5. The New Year is upon you and you want to make resolutions, and changes in your life that you want to start NOW! January 1st. And not only do you want to start them now you want to do them perfectly from the jump! And why not? You are already tired, depleted, and behind why not add more expectations to the mix?
  6. You are being bombarded by Diet Programs, Financial Programs, Beauty Programs, and Fitness Centers! All telling you what you should be focusing on, giving you special pricing if you sign up now now now!

Oh my gosh! Breathe. Let’s all just take a breath. Is it any wonder we are overwhelmed? Is there any surprise that there are tears, arguments, and feelings of failure before we have even begun? Breathe, be kind to yourself, and just take a moment:

Here are some tips and encouragement that I have for ya’ll.

  1. Breathe, yes taking a deep cleansing breath with a pause is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. We as human beings do not breathe correctly, we take short shallow breaths. Take a moment for a deep mindful breath, I promise you that you will feel just a tad better.
  2. Observe the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee in your head that is telling you that you have to do all of these things! Question this negative Inner Critic that tells you all of the things you must do. It tells you that you must have a ” perfect holiday” with all of the obligations it deceives you into believing you must meet. Worst of all this voice does not even give you a moment’s rest between 2 of the hardest months of the year, and a NEW YEAR NEW YOU requirement! For goodness sake! Tell that voice to chill out and not buy into the hype. 
  3. Instead of making resolutions and other punitive vows for the new year, how about being gentle with yourself? Pick one word that you can focus on for the year. This is what I do and what my amazing cousin Michelle Lewis and I  call The Resolute Word. We dump the resolutions for a kinder gentler focus of one word for the year. This year I have decided to focus on bold moves. I have made no other resolutions, I will Honor myself first. Will I be perfect at it? NO. But guess what I am on top of that Itty Bitty Shitty Committee at all times, and I know how to adjourn their meeting.
  4. If your self-care went out the window, increase it in small ways. Breathe, sleep an extra 10 mins if you can, and give yourself a technology break for 10 mins. Listen to music. There are so many things you can add in, in small amounts that can add up. 
  5. Release the New Year New You mentality. There is this weird belief you must change yourself NOW and if you have not mastered it by the end of January you never will. First, you are precious just as you are. If you want to enhance your life I invite you to do so but to also remember this. YOU HAVE AN ENTIRE YEAR TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

So dear gentle reader. Let’s all be kinder to ourselves, and try not to believe the hype! Acknowledge that this time of year is full of funky energy and that we have the right to ease back into our lives in our own way.

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What are you doing to ease back into your life? Did you make resolutions or did you choose a word? I would love to hear from you if you are feeling the pressure and overwhelmed, and how you are handling it. Or not handling it. That is OK too. Please comment below.

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