Transformation requires more than a meme.

Probably a day doesn’t go by without at least one person suggesting, “Nicole, you should write daily posts with mindset mantras and affirmations for people to start their day with.” My answer to this is “No.” In fact, in my head, it’s an emphatic “NO!” And while I don’t blast this response at the people who suggest it (because they are coming from a place of kindness), I’m going to tell you why I will not spend time creating daily snippets of mantras and affirmations for you.

I want more.

More for you.

More for me.

More of a meaningful conversation around important issues.

Meaningful transformation takes more than a meme.

Affirmations are helpful. Manifesting your wildest desires is a worthy goal. Daily prompts and check-in posts have their place but I am not going to focus on that.

So, you may wonder how a business relationship coach like me feels so adamantly about this. And you deserve to know! I won’t spend time generating passive daily posts on mindset because this work goes deeper than an “Aha” or a “That’s-a-cool-meme-let-me-share-it” moment.

I believe in healing and in integration that is personalized to you.

I know that people are searching for a deeper understanding of themselves than a quote or mantra can deliver.

I want more for you than armchair psychology, superficial attempts at personal development, and the act of pretending you are bettering yourself.

Please do not get me wrong. Great quotes and memes and affirmations are wonderful at getting people’s attention. They affirm a longing in us. They connect with an internal knowing that there is more abundance available to us than we once thought. They have their place.

The issue is what happens after. Or, rather, what doesn’t.

I have seen too many people stop there. They get stuck in Mantra and with a false sense that this is enough. They become tied to affirmations that someone else created for them rather than digging in and doing the work to know themselves deeper and to create real healing.

My clients often hear me say that celebrity gurus can give you the “Ahas,” and I’m here to help you with the “Oh shit!” that follows. Realizations are only that. An awareness. A somewhat passive experience of knowing.

However, if you do not integrate the new knowledge and awareness and take action on changing your life, all you have is a holding place in your journey toward a better life. When you have a huge Aha moment of clarity, what happens is that your inner critic, your ego, and your inner kiddo begin working overtime at moving you away from this insight because it will require changing things.

Changing things in your life and making new decisions and becoming a different version of yourself is scary! No wonder people stay in the lane of the Aha moments, memes, quotes and mantras! It is safer than real change!

But safe doesn’t necessarily move us to heal. Part of the journey is through, not around, the scary parts.

My desire for you, my dear reader, is healing.

I want to support you to heal your relationship with your business; healing your relationship with yourself; and healing your relationship with your business, your career, and your people. Mindset is not magic. It is a practice that leads to a deeper knowledge of yourself. It is the pathway to healing.

If you have read the books on Mindset and still feel stuck; if you have read the books on Overcoming Your Inner Critic and you still feel controlled by fear; if you have read the personal development books for entrepreneurs and still feel as if there is something internally holding you back from making your business all it can be, I invite you to reach out to me here.

I honor the knowledge you’ve gained and the work you’ve done on your own so far and I invite you to now take action to integrate that knowledge so that you can reach your goals and heal yourself as you do it. It may be scary. It may feel unsafe. I am here for you to show you the way.

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