How I Came to Write A Book 

In honor of #NationalTellAStoryDay, here’s the story of how my latest book – on the connection between childhood trauma & entrepreneurship – was born.

I almost gave up on my business & my dreams. I’d been juggling way too much and was splitting my focus between learning about sales, marketing & copywriting while networking, creating content for social media and of course, trying to run a business while coaching clients. Sound familiar?

I was trying to do all the things and feeling BEAT UP. Worse, I felt like I was letting people down.

I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do in a day and, as the growth of my business didn’t match my expectations, I felt like I was letting my husband down. This feeling, this business, was NOT what I had signed up for. 

The morning I woke up debating whether I should quit my business, I pulled out Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. If you have not read this book, do yourself a favor and put it on your reading list. 

I opened the book to a random chapter about professor Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer. She talks about a moment in her environmental biology class when she asks her students about their relationship with nature and talks about how they can become co-creators of life. 

She explains that not only is it possible to have a relationship with a non-sentient being, but also that we can expect that entity — nature (or perhaps, your business) — love us back.


The idea that we could be co-creators with our businesses and even have a relationship with them sparked something in me.

I realized that if I was feeling beat up & frustrated by my business — I had created that relationship. And if I could create an abusive relationship with my business, maybe I could create a safe, loving & fun relationship too.

And so, my book was born. 

Throughout How to Love Your Business book we will walk through the steps of creating a healthy and reciprocal relationship with your business like how to identify your values so you know when you’re in and out of integrity; craft an authentic mission and vision statement; make space for your business; create the boundaries needed for you and your business to thrive; love your inner critic; examine your relationship with money and create an Emotional Sustainability Plan that will act as a compass to help you make aligned daily decisions about your business. All of this so you can make more money, feel more connected to your business and clients as well as have a business that is emotionally sustainable.

If you are ready for that type of relationship grab a copy of How to Love Your Business on Amazon using this link.

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