Solutions not absolution

Let me ask you a question. All of those promises you made to God or the Divine when you were going through a life trial, how many of them did you keep? When you were bargaining and saying if I can just have ( blank), then I promise I will ( blank) How many of these promises you have you broken already?

Here’s the thing, when you bargain, cajole and beg you are deferring your power. You are not taking full responsibility for the fact that you are co-creator of your life. When you ask and beg, you are being passive and not standing in your divine power.

Why is it so easy to break these promises when things get better? Because you did not own your outcome and lost your investment in the promise you made, which sets you up to feel like the next challenge is a punishment.

I have an invitation for you to do things differently. During those hard times, which none of us are immune to, I invite you to change your energy from asking for divine help to a request for the divine to partner with you in creating the outcome that you desire for your highest good. No promises are needed. No bargaining is required. There are no trades or sacrifices that need to be made. You know why?

Because you didn’t bring this on yourself, and it is not your fault.

You don’t need to go in front of an invisible judge and jury and plead your case and make deals. Nope, that is a low vibe way of relating to yourself and the challenges that present in your life. If you have done this in the past and you have found yourself on the other side of the challenge full of broken promises, I want you to stop right now and forgive yourself. You didn’t know a better way. You were probably taught that you are a sinner, wicked, driven by ego, or defective and in need of saving, forgiveness, and repentance. You were taught that your baseline required improvement.

Don’t get me wrong; there are times in life when we need to ask for forgiveness for those we have harmed or for help when we want to harness something outside of our skillset. That is being human.

What I do want you to know is that you, as a divine being at a soul level, do not need to be forgiven, and NEVER do you need to bargain for your worth. You are worthy, sacred, and aligned. And might I add you are loved.

The next time you are in a challenging moment, and you are fearful and want to cry out for saving from the divine do this instead.

• Ask the divine to co-create a new outcome for this situation for your highest good.
• Say, ” I am open to seeing solutions to the challenge that is beyond my human sight at this time.”
• Show me the way towards healing, health, wealth, or (whatever it is that you desire that is based upon your fear) so that I can take steps towards a divine outcome
• I am frightened by this situation to assist me in seeing this a different light.

Please understand that I know this is hard to do. I will be honest. I literally did this yesterday before I came into this consciousness about the fact that I have a different option.

I am currently scheduled to begin chemotherapy for a breast cancer diagnosis, which you can imagine is very scary. During the baseline tests, my echocardiogram showed a possible dilated aorta to require more checks. Also terrifying. So what did I do? I said, ” Spirit, I promise I won’t complain about the chemo and treatment for my diagnosis if my heart can be ok.”

Sounds like bargaining, right? It sounds like I am deferring my power, right? It seems like I am trying to avoid punishment, right?

Bargaining is not what I want for myself and you. So I am working on transferring that need to bargain. Because here’s the thing, I didn’t get a scary heart test result because I wasn’t grateful enough for my breast cancer diagnosis being staged early and because I was afraid of the treatment options. That is bullshit. That would be cruel if it were to be true. That is not how the divine works. That is an old message.

This is my current request:

• Dear Spirit show me how to co-create an outcome for my health that serves my highest good.
• Show me the steps I can take to release my fear and see the possibility in this challenge
• Help me to be open to changing this belief that this is a problem to be solved into an understanding that this is a lesson to be learned.
• I am committed to partnering with Spirit and my divine wisdom to tap into what my body needs and to change my energy to see myself in perfect health in all situations.

Can you see the difference in the energy of these requests? I can. I can feel it in my body and how it taps into my emotions and thoughts. This practice boils down to these three things, gratitude, love, and an open mindset.

At this moment there is the act of extreme gratitude for all of the body parts that are working well and will support me as I go on this journey I will no longer feel the need to bargain or hope I am good enough to deserve healing and grace. At this moment, I know I am loved, I am worthy, and I don’t need to DO anything to earn what I intend for myself and my life.

My wish for you is that you can begin to see yourself as a co-creator so you can step into your full power as a magical human being.

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