Is Your Business a Road to Redemption?

Is Your Business a Road to Redemption?


Have you created your business to be a road to redemption? If you have created it for that outcome how will you know when you are redeemed? Read on and let me explain what I mean by this question it is one that I have been pondering lately.


Seeking redemption is a road that I see many people take because of a need to right a wrong or to rise above their past choices in some way. The idea of redemption is engrained in our socialization and training in just about every facet of our upbringing.


I mean think about it you see it everywhere! We do love a good hero’s journey story. The truth is that some people seek redemption through religion, some seek it through doing good deeds, some try to find it by having a kid that they raise in a way that is different than the way they were raised. Seeking redemption can have so many different presentations.


And yes many times starting a business becomes a road to redemption. I see it every day it is a popular redemption tool.


As a trained therapist and coach that works with small business owners and entrepreneurs, what is so cruel for me to see is that when people seek redemption through their business is they have not allowed themselves to define what that looks like. Even more, they have not done the work to release or calm the voices inside their head that made them believe that they need to be redeemed in the first place.

When I was a kid I  used to watch soap operas with my Pap he called them his stories which I loved so much. There was always a storyline about some prodigal son/daughter who came back to the family company seeking redemption. Then what always followed was conflict, drama and sometimes tragedy because their family had not changed the way they saw them, and they had not changed the way they saw themselves.  What this lead to was the very real truth that redemption would always be out of reach until those two factors changed. The family and the person seeking redemption had to see themselves in a new way for redemption to be possible.


How do you feel redeemed if the voice in your head that determines whether redemption is possible is the very voice that told you needed it in the first place? I guarantee you that that voice will continue to change the perimeters and criteria for redemption because it does not know how to operate in any other way. Its job is and always will be to tell you that you need it and will move the goal post constantly.


So my question to you is as always what is your REAL why for your business? What are you seeking to fix by having a successful business? What are you wanting to prove to show that you have changed and to whom? What situation are you trying to clear up, and feel better about by having a successful business?


What does “making it”actually look like?  Who will you be and what do you need to accomplish to find redemption? The therapist in me would like to issue you an even deeper question. Who told you that you needed redemption anyway and is it really true? Is it possible to have your business just because you want it and not to prove your worthiness which by the way was a job it was never meant to have?


Consider this? Are you seeking redemption? If so why?

What would change for you if you took back the power to create a business that you designed from a place of alignment and not from a need to be redeemed?


I work with clients every day who change the energy of their business, the financial success of their business and the emotional sustainability that is possible when they get off the road to redemption and on to the pathway to empowerment. You can too. Start by honestly answering the questions above to yourself.

Don’t want to ponder these questions alone? Reach out to me and let’s ponder them together.

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