How to get back up after you fall.

Hi all, I am so pleased to share a a guest blog post with you from the dynamic Dr. Amanda Kemp. Her energy and heart for her work is very infectious, so I could not wait to share her post with you. I needed this for myself this week, I took a bit of a tumble this week and it made me doubt myself, as we all do. Her words, and direction provided me with some guidance on how to get back up and I hope it will resonate with you as well .

How to Get Back Up After You Fall–3 Steps

Do you remember that moment in The Matrix when Trinity falls and is too terrified to move?  She tells herself “Get up, Trinity, get up!”  She jumps up, and she…read more

amanda_lowres1Dr. Amanda Kemp is on a mission to heal the planet.  She  performs and provides resources for folks who want to change the world through art, activism, and spiritual practices. See her bio and visit

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