The Gift Is In The Journey

My journey as a Life Coach has been one with many ups and downs. Sometimes my path takes me to a hill top where I can see the valley below, bask in the views of where I am headed and also  how far I have come.  The view of the horizon and all that is possible beautifully laid out before me.

Then there are times that I find myself on a long hot flat Savannah navigating by sheer faith with no end in sight. I keep my head down moving forward believing that there will be a change in the terrain again soon.

The one constant that has been the ongoing joy of this journey has been the new soulful people that I have met along the way. My fellow coaches who are walking along this journey with me. They  keep me moving, we cheer each other on, and have each other’s back, so if one of stumbles we are there to catch them.

The dynamic people that I meet along the way, clients that have trusted me with their secrets and pain, who I value deeply. Entrepreneurs and heart centered business women from all walks of life, attorneys, realtors, government contractors etc. they have blessed me with their knowledge, their curiosity about me, and their willingness to help support me on my journey. These collaborations with them are meaningful and full of  the abundance of the universe. 

To think that all of these blessing, all of these ups and downs on this journey, all of these soul connection would not have manifested had I stayed in my cocoon. If I had continued to agree with that Inner Critic about my worth and capabilities. If I had not taken a chance on myself and my message, I would still be quiet, small and surviving not thriving.

We are all on our own pathway and each morning we wake up we are given a choice to stay on the familiar path, or to take a chance on a new one. If you are ready to take a chance on a new path, I would love to walk it with you. Contact me and I would be honored to learn more about your journey.

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