Just Call Me Gordon Ramsey

This was the week for providing education about one of the Coaching Programs that I provide. I find that for the most part people are still are uncertain as to what a Life Coach does much less a Tapping Into Wealth Coach.

So I created a  short video to give a bit of detail about how Limiting Beliefs around money and wealth can keep you stuck. In this video I give a loose comparison to the work that I do with my clients, and the work that Gordon Ramsey from Kitchen Nightmares, and Robert Irvine in restaurant impossible.

Check it out ! I hope that it will give you one more level of insight into the work I do and how it could be helpful to you.


6 thoughts on “Just Call Me Gordon Ramsey

  1. Love it, love your work, love you! So glad that you don’t yell at your clients like Gordon does, haha! Thanks for your help with identifying my areas where I was getting stuck & showing me the tools I need to move forward.

    1. Ha perhaps Robert and Gordon are not the best example as they do resort to yelling and name calling. I do not yell or shame, but I will call you out on your desire to hang on to the old programming that does not serve you. Sometimes that makes my clients want to get all Gordon on me and yell at me. 🙂 they never regret working with me though.

  2. Hi Coley!
    i watched the video and loved it! im proud of you my dear friend. We must all go forth in our quest for finding ourselves and what we perceive is a reality in the messed up world we all live in…I often find my self heaped by self doubt, fear of future failures, and financial stability, when the opportunities come to do the work i love it seems ok, but the next day, i feel worthless….i hate it i have struggled with this for decades in both my music career and my engineering career. lately ive been less worried about shit i cant change and get out and hustle for the next studio bldg. rent payment and it starting to get better….but some days i cant even get out of bed, but i push on.

    1. Thank you. The work that I do in general is perfect for small business owners such as yourself. When you own a business doing something you feel passionate about, you put so much of yourself into it. If you have any old junks and limiting beliefs about your worth, your money, and your success it is a constant fight. Getting out bed some-days is all you can do when you have been in the boxing ring with these thoughts feelings and emotions. My wish for you in life is to not have to just push on, but to thrive. I believe it is possible. Sending you much love

  3. Mindset is so much bigger than people realize! From bullying to athletics to finances, it’s what we think that matters most. Thanks for sharing this, and adding Tapping into it is most intriguing!!!

    1. Mindset is everything! You are very welcome and I agree Tapping is intriguining. It continues to surprise me in the most delightful ways

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