I Am What I Am or Am I?

This week I have been playing with the idea of how much power the two words “I Am” have in the narrative of our lives. These two words confirm our story by becoming the glasses that we put on to view the world. I AM…poor. I AM…not athletic. I AM…not thin because no one in my family is thin. Where did these I AM’s come from? Where did these glasses come from? Is it your voice or someone else’s? Is it possible to change your story? Change your glasses?

When I really sat down and made my list of my own I AM’s what I found was that the majority of them were negative and limiting. Furthermore, I identified that many of those I AM’s came from someone else’s voice and not my own.

To give a personal story, I was 5’6″ at the age of 11 I had shot up really fast, so fast that I ended up getting stretch marks on the back of my legs. I was horrified! When school began again I began collecting new I AM’s. I was taller than any kid in my class. I was told that I was Too Tall, Too Big. I think the nickname Lincoln was thrown around. I am broken, I am not good enough.

I secured the dark glasses of the Limiting I AM’s and viewed my world through them for more years than I care to admit. It is so easy to adopt a story that is not our own. So very easy.

Could the fix really be as simple as to change the way we view the world. We change from the dark glasses of our story to rose colored glasses of a new beautiful affirming I AM. Sadly it is not that easy, but with some retraining of your brain, and practice, those rose colored glasses quickly become the only ones that you need.

I teach my clients how to change their I AM’s in all of my coaching programs. In my Retrain Your Brain for Success class, we work specifically on changing the I AM’s. Those two words are powerful. Why not change them to empower you instead of hold you down? So here’s to the power of the I AM. I AM powerful, I AM smart, I AM not my family’s story, I AM ME!

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