Abundance Factor..Let’s Get Real

I have a confession, it feels like I am always confessing something. I love being a coach, I love exploring the deeper meanings of life, and I believe that the Universe will show up for me when I ask it to. I see it happen over and over again.

But dang some days I am not feeling the whole “coaching guru” thing. I want to just get real, to be snarky and positive at the same time. I want to be “woo woo” and “yeah right” at the same time. Does that make sense?

I have a dogged belief in myself! I also completely feel at all times that failure is just around the corner. I believe in Success and Failure. I believe you can be Enlightened and Sarcastic at the same time. I believe in abundance but that you have to show people in a real way how to reach for it, not just “tell” them that they should believe in it.

This is what I know, you have to get down and dirty and reveal all of the nasty stuff hanging out in your subconscious and release it before you can truly receive abundance. If we do not feel worthy we will not allow or receive any of the good stuff.

It is an ongoing journey to be authentic, to embrace the dark and the light of ourselves as valid. It is a worthwhile journey. I promise. So I give myself permission to be a snarky guru, a success and failure at the same time, giving and selfish, because we are both. There is a gift in both. We can embrace our shadow and partner with it for an amazing life.

I will never be a Pollyanna Coach! I will always be real, and will never ask you to do anything I have not done myself. I know that some days we are just trying to have an uninterrupted cup of coffee and that in itself would feel like Nirvana.  Here’s to us and to the journey!

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5 thoughts on “Abundance Factor..Let’s Get Real

    1. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be ” ON” or ” Perfectly Peaceful and Guru Like” but I am not that girl. Soooo, peaceful snarkitude will abound

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