How to be Boss !

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your own Boss? Do you ever get tired of putting your blood sweat and tears into someone elses dreams? I know I did! However, I really did not know how to go about it. I was not sure how it would work out? I never imagined that everything would change in the span of two years.

Here I am. MY OWN BOSS! Sometimes I still cannot believe that it is true. But it is. Let me be clear though it is not easy, and it does not happen overnight. There are steps that you MUST TAKE in order to lay the pathway to changes in your life.

I am often told “You are so lucky that you are working for yourself now”, or “I wish I could do that too”  There is no luck involved in this I promise you! But there are steps that you can take to begin to step up into your brilliance! These are some of the steps I took and that I teach my clients to as well.

Step 1 

Reveal the limiting beliefs that you have about yourself. We all have a story that we tell ourself that keeps us stuck. Utilizing a mind body technique can help you with this.

Step 2 

Release these limiting beliefs! By whatever means necessary! Use a coach! Read a self help book! Learn mindfulness techniques whatever it takes! Utilizing a mind body technique can help you with this.

Step 3 

Voice your wishes or desires for your future. You have got to Name it to Claim It! In order to manifest what you want in life you need to call it out so that The Angels, The Universe, God or whomever you believe in can help you reach your goal. Utilizing a mind body technique can help you with this.

Step 4 

Stay open to signs that what you have asked for is coming your way and take advantage of it. New people come to you, ideas pop in your head, new opportunities present. Pay attention and follow them. Utilizing a mind body techniques can help you stay open.

Step 5 

Know that getting what you want will trigger fear insecurity and anxiety. This is normal and natural. It is ok I promise. Make sure that you recognize it so that you can work through it with your coach, best friend, partner or anyone that you trust to help get you back on track. Utilize mind body techniques to help you manage the fear and release it.


You may have noticed that I keep mentioning using a Mind Body Technique. I happen to love using Tapping or the Emotional Freedom Technique. I think that this is crucial. Our body holds our story from our past and holds the key to the story of our future. We must learn how to harness it!

If you want to be the BOSS of your own life. I would love it if you would reach out to me here! Let me help you by offering you a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session to see how you can be a BOSS! Contact me here

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