Sweet Talk & Chocolate Baths

Retrain Your Brain to Allow for Self Care 

I am always talking to my clients about balance, self care and rejuvenation.  It is not easy for them, and to be honest it is not easy for me either. However, it is incredibly important to continue to make them a priority.

I had the immense pleasure of participating in a Podcast with Michelle McGlade and we talked a lot about the challenges as a new business owner and entrepreneur. It was a refreshing and honest talk, she is one of my new favorite people. If you would like to listen you can check it out at //www.michellemcglade.com/fire-your-inner-critic/

In the vain of balance and rejuvenation,  I am making this post short and sweet as I am heading out to the sweetest place on earth with one my dear friends to get some pampering. Did you know that there really is a place that you get to bathe in chocolate? Oh yes Hershey Spa here I come.

My gift to you this Friday, is the gift of learning how to Fire Your Inner Critic so you too can allow for more balance, self care and rejuvenation. You can access this gift here.

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