The Law of Attraction Sucks!


Well, it does if you have had a traumatic background. Don’t get me wrong I actually do love and believe in the law of attraction. However, it is not as simple as some would lead you to believe. Affirmations and manifestations are only as useful as the person’s ability to believe in them.

Over and over my clients will come to me and say. I watched The Secret, I have read the books, I believe in the law of attraction, so why can’t I manifest anything? The simple answer is because they don’t really believe it is possible. And if they do believe it, belief is not enough. Standing and repeating affirmations to the sky is not enough. Writing your order to the universe is not enough. I get their frustration and why they think The Secret sucks. They have been let down by it over and over.

The good news is that these clients, are now manifesting and attracting good things into their lives with consistency and ease. How did they go from it sucks to it works? They did the following.

  1. They took a deep dive into their past wounds, to see what traumatic events were still impacting their mindset.
  2. They revealed those triggering events and healed them through the use of targeted coaching and the use of mind-body techniques.
  3. By revealing and releasing these old wounds they made space for the things that they wanted to manifest in their lives.

The most important foundation of manifesting things you want and using the Law of Attraction is the 100% belief that it works. If you have unhealed wounds, then there is a part of you that is incapable of believing that good things are possible. That part of you will reject the vibration and energetic attraction, that is needed to manifest and attract the good stuff.

Once you clear out the lingering energetic clutter, you would be surprised what the Universe sends you to take its place. It truly feels like magic. But first, you have to make space for it.

Do you see yourself here? Has the Law of Attraction craze left you feeling like the one person left out of manifesting magic? Let me help you get on the pathway to attracting more of what you want in your life, money and or business. Contact me here if you would like to schedule a Discovery Call.

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