How To Fall In Love With Your Business – Step 3 – Visualization

Have you ever had an Aha moment that changed everything in your life? I never imagined that picking up the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and reading it each day would change everything. One decision to read it, one chapter, and one sentence at a time it changed everything. In one moment I realized that […]

Falling in Love with Your Business – Step 2 – Love Letters.

This is the third in a series of posts where I get real with you about how I realized that I was using my business to abuse myself. Yes really, that is possible. If you did not catch the first two posts you can read them here. How to Find Big Magic, and Love Your […]

Falling in Love with Your Business – Step 1

 Step 1: Its Personal Attributes In a recent blog post, “How to Find Big Magic, and Love Your Business,” I shared about my journey in and out of an abusive relationship with my business. Yes, you heard that right, my business. Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, I took steps to create my own “Big […]

2016 kicking your butt? I’ll tell you why and what to do!

The holidays are over, many of us are coming up for air from all of the Holiday celebrations and expectations.  There are so many things that we “put on hold until after the Holidays” that have now come due. Perhaps you have made some resolutions that you want to begin to tackle? Maybe it is […]

New Year New Fear

Is Your Inner Voice Keeping You Stuck? I have been trying to write a end of year blog post for days. You would think that this would be easy for me, since I can get very reflective and get into a space of deep contemplation at this time of year. I kept asking myself  “Why […]

A Full Moon Christmas Present

Release and Renewal Happy Holidays To You All  I am sure that you have seen some of the funny memes circulating about this Christmas and its astrological timing. Christmas Day, Family, Booze and a Full Moon. This scenario is ripe for drama, in many people’s minds. I will admit I thought it was pretty funny […]

Grief is the Grinch That Stole Christmas

Let me get this out of the way: this post is not directed at any one person. You might feel like it is, because I have had this conversation with many of you. I have even had this conversation with some people in the last 24 hours, but I promise you this post is not […]

Be Strong Like A Weeble Wobble

Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down I was scheduled to attend an ABWA meeting this morning and I have to admit that when my alarm clock went off at 5:30 am I almost turned it off and stayed in bed. Here is the dialogue in my head “I don’t really HAVE to get up, […]

Tis The Season to Let it Go

If you are like me you are breathing a sigh of relief that the Frozen Fury has abated just a bit and that everyone you meet is not singing that song! For this reason I humbly apologize for bring the saying “Let it Go” back up. I promise you it is for a good reason. […]