How to Stay in Love With Your Business! From Hot and Heavy to Slow and Steady.

Ahh love, this topic has been in the forefront of my mind lately. I wrote a series of blog posts on the topic of How to Fall In Love With Your Business, starting with this one.

The teleseminar that I offered on this topic, was exciting and energizing for those who attended. It was a ripe environment to explore the topic of relationship building with our business. I know I learned just as much from my attendees as they learned from me.

One of the questions I was asked by email after the call was this one “ So if you fall in love with your business, how do you stay in love with it?”  This is a very good question. I touched on a similar sentiment on the call but, it made me think a bit deeper on this topic.

I asked myself: How do I stay in love with my business? What can we do to stay in love and nurture this relationship? As I have admitted before it took me about a month to move through this process from my Aha to developing this  clarity and partnership with my business. So I am a mere babe when it comes to the nurturing and maintaining peice of this puzzle.

However, dear reader my many years of being a Psychotherapist has given me some insight into relationships and how this might play out:  As with all relationships there are stages, we fall in love, we make plans, we create a partnership with dreams in common, we have triumphs and failures. There are times that we are not as connected and take each other for granted. Yes we even hurt each other, we still hurt those we love because we are human we are not perfect.

I have said many times that Life is not a train ride, with straight lines with clear station stops. It is more like a boat ride, sometimes we are docked and safe, sometimes we have choppy seas and often we have calm waters. We ride the waves, we face the storms, and we express gratitude when we are safe in port again, or blessed with calm waters. It is still a magnificent journey.

So let me ask you? Think of your significant other, or someone you love. Do you only love them when things go well? Are there times that you literally love them but do not like them very much? I am sure you can relate. What is the magic that keeps you in that relationship? Is it accepting that even though we love there will be hard times? We don’t just stop loving someone when things get hard, we lean in, we nurture, we ask questions.

This will be the same for this relationship we are building with your businesses. We learned to lose the abuse and fall in love with our business. Now we learn how to have a sustainable relationship. Taking accountability for our part of the equation is crucial.

This is something I will be living and writing about. I would love to learn from you as well. What has this process of falling in love with your business changed in your life? What are you fears about backtracking and taking this relationship for granted? I would love to hear from you. Comment below:


6 thoughts on “How to Stay in Love With Your Business! From Hot and Heavy to Slow and Steady.

  1. How nice to have some guidance to keep working on the relationship, especially if this is a new way for us to think of our business. I especially like your mention that we need to have some accountability to do our own part.

    Thanks for continuing to share about this important topic.

  2. This is a common issue I have struggled with myself. Allowing your business to expand, grow and change as you do will assist in deepening your relationship with your business.

  3. I was telling a friends a year or two ago that if my business were a person, we would be in the biggest fight ever… Great post!

    1. Amy
      Thank you for the comments. It is true….there are days that I know my business has me sleeping on the couch 🙂

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