Tapping Into Transformation

Are you serious? You want me to do what? 

I will admit the first time that I was introduced to “Tapping” I was skeptical. As a psychotherapist I wondered how something as simple as tapping on your face while speaking emotions could really change anything?

It is a good thing that I will try just about anything once, because it changed my life!

This simple technique of Tapping on meridian points on your body, while expressing an emotion or recounting an upsetting event, has the dramatic ability to decrease the charge around these experiences.

I now use Tapping daily. It is a major tool in my coaching tool kit and I cannot help but get excited when I tell people about it! Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak with Sarah Preston the owner of Radiance here in Lancaster. I shared with her how Tapping works, and why I believe in it. Once again I got excited and breathless! I just want everyone to learn this tool so they can help themselves.

I know my friends, family and clients get tired of me saying TAP ON IT! They have to admit that the majority of the time when they do, they can feel a bit better and find that they are less distressed.

I have always seen the end of summer as a time for Transformation. Parents become empty nesters, High School Students become College Students, summer adventures transform who we are and the experiences that we have. Transformation is powerful and times of transition can be stressful.

SO! You lucky folks! I have decided to offer you a gift of tapping.

Each Tuesday in the month of August at 12:00 pm est. I will be offering Tapping into Transformation Tuesday. This will be an opportunity to participate in a group telephone call,  where I will teach the participants, more about tapping. I Will take them through rounds of tapping on any challenges that they would like to address. We will tap together as a group and gain that amazing borrowed benefit that can manifest when a group taps together.

If you would like to join me and learn more, you can sign up for my newsletter below!

Each Monday I will send out the call in information to my subscribers, so that they can  participate that week. Make sure you sign up so you can take advantage of this life changing offer.

7 thoughts on “Tapping Into Transformation

  1. I am definitely going to do what I can to get on this call! I really want to know what this is all about!!

    1. Lisa I would love to have you on the call, and teach you more about tapping. It will be offered each tuesday in August so if you miss one you can always try again.

    1. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter if you have not already done so. This will make sure that you are on the call in information mailer

    1. Make sure that you sign up for the newsletter so that you will get the call in..information on Monday. If you sign up you will also get the recording of the call just in case you are not able to attend live! Tapping is an amazing tool that I use personally and with my clients.

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