“I’m Alive” by ELO Made Me Cry

10559952_10152940250491940_2942236987458367162_nI can hear at least 50% of you saying who is ELO? So at the risk of dating myself I will educate you younguns. Electric Light Orchestra is a band that has been around a long time and was very popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I fell in love with them when the movie Xanadu came out and this song was on the soundtrack.

I digress, so why does this song make me cry? Not too very long ago I woke up each morning with a sense of dread. Life was something that had to be managed,  that I had to tread through carefully and I had an overall distrust of a new day. I had sadly spent most of my life being robbed of the joy and anticipation of a new day.

Today as I worked on my business, and I was enjoying my Flashback Friday playlist. I’m Alive came on. Immediately I became jazzed because I love ELO but then in one powerful moment I realized that for the first time in many years. I am so happy that I’m Alive.

I am building a business doing work that I adore, I am in charge of my inner critic, I enjoy moving my body without feeling like exercise is punishment, and am easily making better nutrition choices. I have dramatically changed my own money mindset and as Erin Stutland says “My Vision Is Clear”. My tool kit is stocked! I’m Alive..and I’ve arrived! 

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2 thoughts on ““I’m Alive” by ELO Made Me Cry

  1. A powerful story, Nicole. It resonates with me and strikes a direct cord with my own journey. I am currently learning and practicing transcendental meditation and is helping to make a great difference in my life. I’m hearing things musically in ways in which I never have. Life looks different as well. I’m naturally slowing down and taking things more easily. That’s a real blessing and hope that I share with you. All the best, Quinton

    1. Quinton thank you for your response, it is exciting to see how the power of music can help everyone. We all have our own path, but we are still walking forward with anticipation,thank you for sharing your story.

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