Mean Coach Or Cheerleader?

Which One Are You?

Manifest MondayEach Monday I create a Manifest Monday Post on my Facebook page…and this past week I set this intention “I manifest a consistent joyful practice of moving my body to increase my fitness and health levels.”  This has been a primary focus of mine as I have learned that I have let a Mean Coach running amok in my head. It has been shaming me and stealing the joy and fun that can be had in regards to exercise.

You see I fell for the lie we tell ourselves, that we must shame, degrade and force ourselves to get things done. What I learned, is that I have used exercise as a tool to punish my body because I did not like the way it looked.  I have allowed a MEAN COACH in my brain to pit me against myself. If I use exercise as a tool to punish my body because I listened to this Mean Coach, how likely is it that I will continue to move my body? That I will find fun in it? Not likely. It is  a vicious cycle of negative reinforcement that is not sustainable or joyful.

I wondered if there was another way? If I could release the need to punish my body with exercise, and fire that Mean Coach? If I could use exercise as a tool for self care and love towards my body, what kind of voice would come about? I have the answer! It is a Cheerleader with the happiest, most vibrant voice that emerges. It encourages, it shines, it embraces movement as a joyful gift to my body instead of a punishment. I never in a million years thought that I could exercise with joy and love for my body, instead of punishment and loathing.

We can in fact Retrain Our Brain to celebrate our progress, which in turn leads us to finding success in our goals, with fun, joy and ease. I have learned to replace the Mean Coach with a Cheerleader. You can learn this too! If you would like to know how, contact me and I will help you fire your Mean Coach too!

2 thoughts on “Mean Coach Or Cheerleader?

  1. Nicole, I love this post. You offer such great insight into something so many of us deal with – the dread that can accompany the need to exercise. It’s wonderful that you show how to make that shift to a cheerleader encouraging movement and joy! Great article. Nicely done!

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