When You Name it You Claim It!

profile-0Say what you will about Facebook, but I have found that it can be an amazing tool to connect with people from all over the world. It can deepen connections with friends and family that you do not get to see everyday, and it can give you a big ole reality check!! There is an app on Facebook that gives you access to the posts that you posted this day a year ago and even further back. Most days I look at the posts with a passing glance, sometimes a chuckle or a rolled eye of embarrassment. Today’s post stopped me in my tracks and filled me with so much emotion.  See below:

Memories-1A year ago today I was restless, as a Therapist and someone who has been in therapy myself, my heart and soul knew that there had to be another way to heal. I called out that I needed a Life Coach…and guess what? Within a week I had  the perfect fit for me in a Coach. If you were to view the comments in this post you would see how many people encouraged me to look at being a life coach myself. You would also see all of the excuses and limiting beliefs that I provided as proof that it was not possible. I am so glad that the universe did not listen to my doubts. 

Not only did I get my own coach and benefit from massive transformation in only 8 sessions, it took me on a journey towards creating my own coaching practice. I began to say out loud.. ‘gosh I just wish my job would lay me off so that I can go do something different, get a certificate in coaching and change things up ‘. When you name it you claim it! In November just 4 mos later, I was laid off and immediately enrolled in a coaching certification program.

A year ago I was seeking, I was asking and I never imagined that one year later I would have all that I asked for. Today when I viewed my post from a year ago, and had tangible proof that I got what I asked for and that I have been so much better off for it, it compelled me to be more deliberate and mindful in what I name.

So here we go Universe…I want to be a Successful, Well Known, Healthy and Wealthy,Life Coach, leading dynamic men and women down their Pathway to Empowerment! I cannot wait to see where I am a year from now! 

What do you need to claim for your life? I would love to know! I would love to help!

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