Accepting Unacceptable Things

profile-0I was coaching one of my clients the other day and we were exploring the underlying limiting beliefs and sabotaging thoughts that have blocked her from making changes in her life. She said the most profound thing to me and I have been thinking about it ever since. She said “In my life I have accepted unacceptable things”

I could not shake this statement, and I began to think back on my life and of ALL  the unacceptable things that I have accepted. I have accepted the unacceptable in relationships, in health and in my work environment. I reviewed the long string of jobs that I have endured where I accepted unacceptable things because I also shared her limiting belief. In addition to other limiting beliefs like “Well I should just be thankful to have a job”  or “No one really loves their job that is why they call it work” 

In a very short time I have changed my life by learning and employing the coaching tools that I now use with my clients. The gratitude that I feel, that I no longer have to “Accept Unacceptable Things” in my career is immense.


I am now able to make my own schedule, meet a friend for coffee to catch up, and to no longer be forced to accept unacceptable things just to have a job.  Where in your life do you accept unacceptable things? Would you like to learn to change that belief? If you do, I would love to share with you the life changing tools that I have learned. Request a complimentary Discovery Call Here.

5 thoughts on “Accepting Unacceptable Things

  1. Nice post, Nicole. We all need reminders that just because we accept something, that doesn’t make it acceptable. I have done better with this over time. It’s like one of those muscles that once you get good at saying “no,” it’s very hard to go back and accept the unacceptable. This post made me realize how far I’ve come with this. You’re right that if someone needs support to learn how to do this (like your coaching), it’s an investment that really is priceless.

    1. Deb thanks for your comment I am glad that the post gave you a valuable reminder. It is true, sometimes just asking the right questions, can help us get transformational answers. That is what we do as coaches, and it is so much fun!

  2. How true! This resonates with me as well, especially since I was lucky enough to be the coffee date today. Saying no, choosing wisely, and learning not to accept the first thing offered are essential skills for authenticity!

  3. I love this. And several times I’ve hat THAT CLICK! In a reltionship, a rental lease, a job, whatever, where the love is just gone and there’s no saving the situation. I really see, now, that each time *I* wouldn’t say “no” it became intolerable and traumatic instead, and I said no that way. Working with you I’ve learned SO much. Huzzah!

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