Progress or Perfection?

Which one has more value?

profile-0Hello world. That is the statement that has been sitting in the place holder for my first blog post since March. Each time I see that empty space, the desire to post and connect with you all bubbles up, then immediately the ( Inner Critic Perfectionist Police) pops up and tells me why I should not post yet. It  says ” You are not a blogger” and that there is the “perfect way” to blog and that I do not know how to do that.

I am familiar with this voice, I call it the “Itty Bitty Shitty Committee” and I have gotten pretty good at adjourney their meeting in many areas of my life. Except for this one area that includes, blogging, and creating all of the content that is required of me as a Life Coach and Heart Centered Entrepreneur.

Can you relate to this nasty mean voice in your head?  I bet you can. How many amazing things in your life is it keeping you from manifesting? I have learned that if we can stop for a moment, address our inner critic and learn to celebrate our progress instead of perfection, amazing things happen!

*  You learn to be kinder to yourself

* You achieve your goals, faster, easier and with more fun!

* You learn how to celebrate the small things along the way and embrace how valuable the whole process is not just the end result.

So here is your “old life coach “practicing what she preaches….because I know for sure I am not Perfect…but I am progressing. Today my mantra is, even though you are scared…” Do it anyway” so welcome to my first post. Lets celebrate!

11403087_911564775575543_6721782211508736020_nI love this post I saw today and I wanted to include it so maybe it will motivate you as well.

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One thought on “Progress or Perfection?

  1. Oh I totally relate to that voice! Too many times I’ve held myself back because I’ve wanted everything to be “just right”. But the more I say “good enough” and stay in motion, the more I get done and the better I feel.

    Thanks for sharing your vulnerability on this topic – many of us have definitely been there!

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