You Cannot Charge What You Are Worth

I will admit it I have a pet peeve in this world of Money Mindset Coaching.  I hear this phrase over and over “ You need to  charge what you are worth” ! What? Charge what you are worth? First of all, how does one determine this? Second, how do you not compare you worth, when you price your services in comparison to others?

If your competitor charges two times the price you do does that mean that they are worth more? Um no. It does not work that way. It just doesn’t.

I was in Florida this past week at a coaching event and I heard this phrase spoken over and over, so it compelled to me to get on Facebook live and have a discussion about it. You can find that video here.

In this video I cover the following:

  1. You cannot charge what you are worth because YOU my dear are priceless! Priceless!!!
  2. You need to price your services so that they are congruent with your vision.
  3. You need to create and hone in on your vision so you know how to create congruency in pricing.

Many people including entrepreneurs, business owners, healers, coaches do need money mindset help. Each of us have a money story and many of those stories can get in the way of us creating that vision and feeling confident in charging for our services.

This is where I can help. If you want to talk more about how to charge for your services, and how to do so with confidence? I invite you to have a complimentary discovery call with me and I will help you get clarity. Start here.

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