Money Mindset! Is Wealth Yucky?

I bet the answer would surprise you! 

Ahhh money…it is a topic that we are uncomfortable talking about. We have a love hate relationship with it. We think we love it and want more of it, but we hate how it rules our lives and when others have more than we do.  Be honest with yourself really honest…when you find out that someone is making more money than you, or you see a celebrity “ flaunting their wealth” what are the immediate thoughts you have? I bet that they are judgments, jealousy or maybe something else.

Yes yes I know we can pretty quickly move to happiness for the person we KNOW who had a windfall , but those rich celebrities? I would venture to say that the wealthy still keep you envious.

So let me ask you this? If you, WE have these immediately triggered judgments about money and wealth. WHY oh why would you really want to have it? Who wants to be judged? Who wants their family and friends to be envious? We spend our whole lives trying to NOT be the Other! I promise you these unconscious blocks are play a major role in your leaving money on the table. We do not want that!. Check out this video where I discuss this block further:

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Do you have any other ideas about how you get blocked around money and wealth? I would love to hear back from you.

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One thought on “Money Mindset! Is Wealth Yucky?

  1. Great points! You are right, most people want more money but then worry about how that will effect their relationship with others. They don’t want to be seed as different or changed somehow. It can really throw a wrench into personal dynamics with your friends and loved ones.

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