A Full Moon Christmas Present

Release and Renewal

Happy Holidays To You All 

I am sure that you have seen some of the funny memes circulating about this Christmas and its astrological timing. Christmas Day, Family, Booze and a Full Moon. This scenario is ripe for drama, in many people’s minds. I will admit I thought it was pretty funny myself.

However, then I had a new thought. I realized what a unique opportunity that this is. We have the opening for divine timing  to harness this day that many of us spend with family, this Holiday that is often fraught with tension, and the full moon which gives an opening to release things that do not serve us.

What would it be like to take a moment with your family on Christmas Day and participate in a moment of reflection together? To write down the things that you want to release that no longer serve you, and release them together? Place them in the earth, burn them in flame, send them out to sea. What would that be like?

What if we could take it a step further, and identify those resentments, anger, judgments that have root in our family and release them. Would it allow for some healing? Would it create space for a new paradigm in the new year? Maybe it would plant a seed of communication where once there was nothing.

If this resonates with you I invite you to explore it a bit further. If you think that this would not be something your family would be open to then, consider giving yourself a moment to release things on your own.

I will be inviting my family to participate, they have the right to say yes or no, either is fine. I just did not want to let this sparkly, magical opportunity go by without sharing the possibilities.

Wishing  you and yours peace, love and goodwill to all.

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