New Year New Fear

Is Your Inner Voice Keeping You Stuck?

I have been trying to write a end of year blog post for days. You would think that this would be easy for me, since I can get very reflective and get into a space of deep contemplation at this time of year. I kept asking myself ¬†“Why can I not come up with something cool to say?” This year has been pretty “KICK ASS” I am building a coaching business I LOVE!! I have met and worked with amazing people! My husband started an amazing new job and we have been blessed with abundance.

Why is this so hard?

As I contemplated and wrung my hands, my Inner Child ( yes you heard me, my inner child) quietly patted me on the shoulder and said. “This time of year is scary, why would we want to give it too much attention”? I was floored and of course talked back as I often do and asked¬†“What do you mean it’s scary? This year has been great! I have even picked my word for 2016, I am ready to reveal it with pomp and circumstance” I mean come on! People are looking to me to have some words of wisdom here about Manifesting in the New Year etc.

My Inner Child shook her head at me and said “But this time of year is scary, don’t you remember? Why can’t we just hide until it is over like we used to?” So in this moment of frustration I drew on my Coaching Skills and I gave her space to voice her fear. How could I be shocked that she had fear that was holding me back? I don’t know, because in this year I have learned that our inner voice, that deeper part of ourselves is OFTEN speaking to us and is often the one in charge.

So I gave her space.

What she reminded me was that when I was her age, I was an anxious, worried and fearful child. I truly did not believe that the world was a safe place and was always looking for evidence of the next big traumatic event. I made the mistake of watching a special on Nostradamus at this tender age and it freaked me out. It confirmed everything I already believed that the world was coming to an end, that we were not safe, and that these catastrophic predictions were often connected to the dawn of a NEW YEAR.

I will admit that 1984 I as a mess worried about whatever prediction he had for us that year. Each and every prediction he made, I literally believed would come to pass at the stroke of midnight New Years Day. I won’t even go into what a maniac I was on New Years Eve during Y-2K.

I spent the majority of my life being fearful of a new year, I had no trust in the belief that the New Year was a time for renewal and magic. I just saw it as one more year where the “shit might hit the fan” and we will finally all be blown off the face of earth, by some lunatic. Sad isn’t it?

So you can see why my Inner Child has been having none of this “New Year New You” bull. We sat down, we had a chat, I assured her that all is well, and that I am truly excited about the new year and so should she. I promised to make sure that she is OK and that we have all of the power here to make it great. So for now, she has allowed me to get into the moment and celebrate.

I share this with you, to show you that we are often blocked and held back by experiences that we have had in life. Sometimes we don’t remember them, or we do but we thought we had moved on and gotten over it. When you are feeling stuck? Repeating the same patterns of behaviors? Or if you feel like you have just disconnected from the world around you, you may have some part of you that is frightened and is holding you back. We give it many names, lack of confidence, laziness, failure, our Inner Critic etc. But it all boils down to one thing .You my dear are a beautiful complex menagerie of YOUS and they have something to say.

Our mind, soul, spirit and behaviors are multi-layered and deeply impacted by the experiences we have had, and we have parts of ourselves that get stuck there. Now yours may not look like a 7 yo, it may look different or have a different voice, but I challenge you to listen out for them, and to not be afraid to speak back. There is infinite wisdom in that voice, and when you can learn to partner with it, and reassure it, great things can happen.

I am evidence of this, the work I do with my clients is often centered around these parts and these voices in our sub-conscious mind. The ability to acknowledge and check in with them is gold. It will be the key to your deep transformation. If you are curious if you have a Inner Child directing the show, or a angry teenager holding you back? I can help you reveal and connect with them in a way you never imagined you needed to. I would love to work with you!

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