Be Strong Like A Weeble Wobble

Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down

I was scheduled to attend an ABWA meeting this morning and I have to admit that when my alarm clock went off at 5:30 am I almost turned it off and stayed in bed. Here is the dialogue in my head “I don’t really HAVE to get up, no one would miss me if I am not there, I am so tired I could stay in bed” but then that newer grown up voice said “What if you miss something? What if someone you needed to meet or needed to meet you is there?” OK, OK OUT OF BED! 

Coffee in hand I sat at the table, still wondering if I belong here in this dynamic group of women in business. I am new to all of this so I am in constant communication with that INNER CRITIC , and let me tell you she is hard work! I managed to wrangle her, put on a smile, do introductions and networking like a pro.

Then Something Amazing Happened! 

The speaker Kathryn Boyd a woman who I have spoken with often and I will admit underestimated stood up and told us her story. Her challenge to us was to find the definition of our OWN SUCCESS! We weeble and we wobble, nothing in life is linear. As she shared her story of Weebling and Wobbling, I became very emotional. I am not sure if anyone noticed but tears filled my eyes for many reasons.

  1. Her story is an amazing one, full of ups and downs, triumph and tragedy with an outcome that is truly inspiring. I honored her in that moment for being vulnerable.
  2. I saw in her a mentor a nurturing and motherly and successful woman who gives you permission to weeble and wobble.
  3. I identified with her story as I am a MASTER WEEBLER!

You see often times as a Life Coach or Therapist people put expectations on me to have my Shit together at all times. Lets be honest I don’t! I have been married 3 times, I have been 360 lbs in my life, I have been so depressed I could not leave my room. So I understand the weebling and wobbling.

But you know what? What makes me an excellent coach is that like that Weeble Wobble? I have never fallen down. I keep going, I change my situation, I forgive myself and try again. This is why I never judge my clients, we are all trying to make our lives better. Remember I am a Master Weebler! Why would I judge? As a Master Weeble Wobbler I know what it takes to wobble and not fall down, and how to lean into the lesson and move forward. I am a Pathway to Empowerment Coach for a reason.

I want to thank Kathryn for reminding me that I GET TO DEFINE SUCCESS IN MY LIFE! And SO DO YOU! I am so grateful that I did not snooze my alarm clock because she had a message for me this morning, and now I have one for you. You define your success, there are ups and downs in life that is the way of it. We decide not to hit the snooze button and show up for ourselves, we decide what success looks like for us, and there is always a new opportunity to show up for ourselves in BIG and small ways.

If you need a Master Weeble Wobbler in your life? An imperfect person to empower you to see the success in your own wobble? I would love to speak with you. Please contact me and lets have a chat! 


4 thoughts on “Be Strong Like A Weeble Wobble

  1. I love it when people surprise us, not only does it reteach me (at least) that everyone has a story, a path, a wound, but I also get to see that I haven’t shut down… yet. haha. Good for you, Nicole!

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